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What Minerals And Vitamins Do Babies Need?


Many of you would have wondered when you noticed the minerals and vitamins supplements, pills and syrup for children showcased at the medical shops and drug stores. Many people are aware that a growing child needs the minerals and vitamins for better health and good growth. Is it really true that infants who are breast fed by mother require these nutrients? If true what are the minerals and vitamins do these babies need? New born babies and babies aged upto six months who are fed by mother’s milk need not require any additional nutrient as all essential nutrients including minerals and vitamins, iron and calcium, etc are provided by the breast milk.

Minerals and vitamins required by the babies aged six months and above:

The requirement of vitamins for the baby is quite simple. Most of the babies tend to get the required amount of vitamins from the breast milk as well from other foods like cereals, instant formula, rice cereal for infants, fruits and vegetables. Yet, they do need the additional amount of vitamin D. Animal foods are the rich sources of vitamin D, where they are the ideal foods for baby. Further, vitamin D is essential for the babies to extract the calcium from milk and other foods. Lack of vitamin D spoils the health of the babies by developing rickets, which is nothing but the bone deficiency. Vitamin D can be absorbed from direct sun rays. Breast milk does not contain this vitamin and the babies can get the vitamin D only from the direct sun exposure. It is sufficient enough to take out the babies in the morning or in the evening for five to ten minutes to get the adequate amount of vitamin D.

Vitamins and minerals:

When it comes to minerals required by the babies, Calcium and Iron are the two major mineral nutrients required. Calcium is essential for bone and teeth. Lack of calcium delays the teething in child, which can also lead towards weaker teething. Similarly, it is must for building stronger bone. Iron is yet another important mineral for the babies. Even though iron deficiency doesn’t show any immediate impact on the child health, it affects both physical and mental health of toddlers and kinder garden children in the long run. If, babies who are above six months are not fed with required iron, it may lead towards anemia, lack of concentration, behavioral problems, etc. Iron can be included in the diet by feeding the iron fortified instant formula and instant rice formula. Fluoride is another nutrient required by the babies to support their teething. Once the babies start teething, this nutrient is essential for building stronger teeth and healthy gums. In majority of cases, fluoride is not required as an additional vitamin. Yet, the babies may require taking additional fluoride if they are fed with well water, excessive usage of instant food, breast milk, etc. Adequate amount of fluoride can be provided easily through offering the fluorinated water. If the mother experience any sort of difference or delay in the growth of baby, she can approach a pediatrician to get the appropriate supplements to get rid of minerals and vitamins deficiency.

Tips and comments

Carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, potatoes, bananas, apple, peach, etc are the common fruits fed to the babies older than six months. These fruits and vegetables contains all essential minerals and vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin C, niacin, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium, zinc and calcium.

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