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Are Vitamins Plus Really Needed For Good Health?

Published at 02/11/2012 19:15:10


If you are amongst the people who buy dietary supplements in an attempt to add more nutrition to your diet, then it is really important for you to know some of the facts related to them. Lots of people take vitamin plus and other similar supplements in an attempt to get proper nutrition that is lacking in their diet routine. Some also take these supplements to balance the hormones, prevent the risks of cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis and some similar chronic ailments. Vitamin deficiencies if prolonged for a long time may lead to some serious chronic illnesses. Most common reasons of vitamin deficiencies include improper and unbalanced diet, mal-digestion and not being able to absorb adequate vitamins because of the intestinal illnesses or drug usage. Sometimes enhanced physical needs in pregnancy, injury and even change in lifestyle may lead to vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiencies can be tracked and detected through lab tests. Some of the tests are quite simple and may include just the analyses of blood for the diagnosis, even though it might not be completely relied upon. Apart from it, common antibody tests and dietary assessment can also be conducted for the same.

Role of Vitamin plus supplements

In order to improve the vitamin level in a body, many nutritionists recommend food items that are rich in vitamins. The most important reason is that food contains natural mix of all important vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can give overall balanced nutrition to the body. Sometimes the food items that are not rich in vitamins are also recommended, for example flavonoids, that help greatly in building the strong capillaries when taken with vitamin c. Apart from that flavonoids also work excellently as antioxidants and provide anti-inflammatory actions as well. Vitamin plus supplements are usually taken mostly by people who are not sick, but they are not completely hale and hearty either. According to certain surveys most of the people who take vitamin plus, want to feel more healthy, energetic and happy. Certain others take these supplements to ensure good health, prevent diseases related to pollution and stress, and sometimes even to have healthy and glowing skin. An increasing number of people usually rely on vitamin plus supplements to ensure optimum health and reduce health risks to a maximum extent. Vitamin supplements offer an easy solution to the health problems, even though the benefits are quite limited. The bitter truth is that no supplement alone can ever compensate for genetic disorders, inactivity and eating disorders.


Which vitamin supplements to take and in what quantity has always been a topic of debate. According to certain dietary guidelines and the food pyramid, if an individual is taking proper balanced diet and is healthy, then he may not need the vitamin supplements. However, there are certain cases when the vitamin plus supplements might be needed, for instance:

- Women who face heavy menstrual bleeding because of extra iron.
- Nutritional deficiencies in people.
- Pregnant women.
- Lactating women.
- Vitamin and mineral supplements can also be beneficial for older people, who cannot digest certain vitamin rich foods.

Tips and comments

Vitamin plus supplements can undoubtedly fill in the nutritional gaps to certain extent; however as is said that excess of anything is bad, and over indulgence may cause serious side effects like hypervitaminosis. Hence it is important to keep vitamin plus supplements just as an add on and not the sole source of vitamins into your body.


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