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Vitamin B 12 And Energy

Published at 02/22/2012 23:02:48


When it comes to intake of energy giving foods and when people talk about strength giving diet, majority of people fall for foods rich in protein, carbohydrate and fat. Unfortunately, most of the people tend to forget about the Vitamins, specifically vitamin b 12. Even though vitamins do not have the capability to provide energy and strength, it is required to get the adequate amount of energy and boost the power of the body through the chemical processes.

Importance of Vitamins and Vitamin B 12

Vitamins share an important role in maintaining good health. They are classified into various groups based on the role played and health benefits provided. Vitamin B is one of the major groups of vitamins, which is classified into 8 parts. Vitamin B plays a significant role in metabolic activities of the cell. Among the 8 different classifications of Vitamin B, Vitamin B 12 is the energy giving and anti-stress vitamin. It is highly responsible for maintaining the balance between the physical health and mental health by providing appropriate energy. When compared with other nutrients, Vitamin b 12 is an exceptional nutrient which offers numerous benefits to the health, with a smaller amount of intake.

Also termed as cobalamin, vitamin b12 is a water soluble vitamin and cobalt is the major constituent of the Vitamin B 12. Vitamin B 12 is the essential nutrient for proper functioning of central nervous system includes the brain functionality. The pivotal role of Vitamin B 12 is creation of Red Blood Corpuscles in the human body. And the specialty of this vitamin is it is found in all parts of the body from head to toe in all cells.

Functions of Vitamin b 12 and energy

Functions of Vitamin B12 related to energy.

Without vitamin b 12, the nutrition is not absorbed properly from the food and b 12 act to ignite the engine to absorb the nutrition. Every individual needs this energy providing vitamin for the following functionalities.

Assist in regulating and maintaining the energy levels at normal paceDevelops the activities involved by central nervous systemEnhances the brain functionality and stimulates the mental alertnessHelps managing stress easily and provide a relief from stressful atmosphereTreat lack of sleepSince it is found in all cells of the body, it is responsible for growth and maintenance of healthy cellsEnhance the metabolic activities

What happens with lack of energy and vitamin b 12 deficiency?

Without adequate vitamin b 12 in the blood, the symptoms like sudden mood changes, mood swing, loss of appetite, extreme tiredness with no apparent disease or illness, very low level of energy, sleeping disorder, etc are experienced.

Vitamin b 12 deficiency results with lack of proper brain functionality, lack of mental alertness, poor memory, low RBC counts, stress, reduced metabolism, weakened and damages in the neurological activities, depression, anemia, etc.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is diagnosed commonly in elderly people, specifically in the vegetarians as animal food is the major source of vitamin B 12. Spirulina is one of the richest sources of vitamin b 12. Other foods rich in vitamin b 12 include oyster, egg, liver, fish, beef, crab, cheese, milk, lobster, etc. 

Tips and comments

Vitamin b 12 in vegetarian foods includes dairy products like milk, cheese, etc, yoghurt, yeast, fortified cereals and fortified foods. people with vitamin b 12 deficiency can also take b 12 injections or pills to boost the energy and regulate the normal functionality of various organs. 


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