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How To Get Your Daily Vitamins Minerals


We all need vitamins minerals to live a healthy and normal life. Without the proper vitamins minerals we should be getting, we will have low energy and become sick often. There are simple things we can do to get the vitamins and minerals we need to live the best life we deserve.

Step 1

Eat the right types of foods. This means getting enough fruits and vegetables as well as eating lean meats to get the protein we need. You can eat delicious fruits and vegetables and get the vitamins minerals needed for a natural, healthy life.

Step 2

Take supplements. If you can't get the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need by eating right then you can try taking a multi-vitamin supplement to ensure you get the proper vitamins minerals needed for your best life. You can check out different places to get these supplements such as a pharmacy, a vitamin shop, a health shop or even a grocery store in the vitamin aisle.

Step 3

Eat more dairy. Studies show that we do not get enough calcium in our diets. If we eat more low fat or non fat yogurt, drink more milk, and eat other types of food plus take a multi-vitamin with our diet, we will get the calcium we need to build strong bones and healthy teeth and to maintain our strong bones and healthy teeth. Doing this will help esnure you get the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy lifestyle. 

Step 4

Add more foods with potassium in them. Studies also show we are not getting enough potassium in our diets to get and maintain a healthy blood pressure. To get the potassium we need every day, we need to incorporate certain foods in our daily diet to ensure healthy blood pressure. Some foods with potassium include sweet potatoes, beans, non fat or low fat yogurt and skim milk. Adding more potassium will help make sure you get your daily vitamins minerals you need. 

Step 5

Add foods with magnesium to your daily diet. Studies also show we are not getting our daily needs of magnesium. Magnesium will help produce the energy we need to get through our busy days. It also helps keep the heart, arteries and muscles working properly. To ensure we get enough magnesium we need to eat certain foods every day and even take a vitamin with magnesium in it. Some foods that help provide magnesium include pumpkin, bran cereal, rice and beans.


Get more Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps keep healthy eyes and cells. Try to eat foods such as organ meats, vegetables such as sweet potatoes and fruits such as cantaloupe. You can also take a multi-vitamin to ensure you get the vitamin A you need every day.

Take more Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps form collagen to maintain healthy blood vessels, bones, muscles and cartilage. Eat foods such as oranges and Brussels sprouts to ensure you are getting enough vitamin A in your daily diet.

Provide your body with more Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps maintain healthy cells in the body. To get more vitamin E you will need to eat more foods such as nuts and seeds, turnip greens and peanut butter.

Taking all of these steps will help ensure you get the vitamins minerals needed in your daily life. 

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By Clarissa Wilson, published at 02/13/2012
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