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What Type Of Bird Is Blue?

Published at 03/01/2012 23:05:57


There are a variety of species when it comes to birds that are blue. There are distinguishing factors of each species. There are some wild birds that are blue and some pet bird species that are blue. Either of these creatures whether wild or in captivity are beautiful to watch.

Wild Bluebirds

There are 3 species of wild bluebirds that are common in North America. Those 3 species are:

  • Eastern Bluebird
  • Western Bluebird
  • Mountain Bluebird

The Eastern Bluebird is the most common species known to man and this is the bluebird you are most likely to see while you are sitting on your porch. These bluebirds are blue in color with a rusty colored breast. The males have a brighter blue color than the females.

The Western Bluebird is similarly colored to the Eastern Bluebird but their heads are more of bright purplish cobalt blue color.

The Mountain Bluebird is more of a pale sky blue in color and is usually slimmer with longer wings than the Eastern or Western Bluebird.

Those are the basic 3 types of wild Bluebird Species in North America and although they differ some in color and size they are all beautifully colored birds to watch.

Pet Birds That Are Blue

There are other birds that are colored blue as well. Many of the birds in captivity, also known as “pet birds” are blue as well.

Some finches are blue and are called “blue chaffinch.” The blue chaffinch is a small blue bird and finches amongst all of the pet birds one can own are some of the cutest, smallest and easiest to care for.

Pigeons and Doves can also be blue in color. A pigeon is actually one of the oldest types of pet birds that people have owned over the years.

Blue and Gold Macaws are another type of popular pet bird that is the color blue. They are rather large birds and their life expectancy can be 60 years or more. Macaws are also very smart and social birds to own.

Parrots are another bird that can be blue in color. Amongst the pet birds that people have, parrots seem to be one of the most favorite. Some of the parrots are a bold blue color and some are more of a toned down mixture of gray and blue in color. Parrots can be solid blue or some may have orange colors on their chest area. There are many different types of parrots and come in different species which determines their size and coloring.

Canaries can also be blue. There is a misconception that all canaries are white, but this is untrue. For more information, visit:

Another type of pet bird that can also be blue is the conure which is a type of parrot. These birds come in a variety of colors like some of the other pet birds, and although blue conure parrots do exist, it is rare for them to be solid blue in color.

Lovebirds are another favorite pet for bird owners. They are smaller birds and come in a variety of species as well. They make great pets, are social and most of them prefer a mate to keep them company.

Last but not least another great pet is a parakeet. Parakeets can be blue in color but most often are accented with a head and neck area that may be another color. Parakeets are also very social and love the company other parakeets and people. They are part of the parrot family but are small to medium sized and are also very intelligent.

As you can see, there are many types and species of birds that can be blue in color. Some may have other colors on parts of their body but blue is the primary color for a few species of birds other than the typical wild bluebird.

Tips and comments

Research online for more information about birds that can be blue in color.



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