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Published at 02/29/2012 19:12:15


The phrase “free domain hosting” as we can see, consists of three words; free, domain and hosting. The meaning of free is known to all so I’ll start with domain, move down to domain and then to a full expose' on this phrase in relation to the world of computers. A domain is a region characterized by a specific feature which in this case is a unique (domain) name while hosting can be defined as anything that provides services, which in this case is a storage space.


Therefore, free domain hosting means a unique registered domain name which has contents that are been stored (hosted) by a (web) host all available for free. From the above, it can be seen that two things which mutually go hand in hand are involved in free hosting a domain; getting a registered domain name and hosting it.

(1) Registering a domain name: this is the first step taken in domain hosting, it involves the end-user choosing a unique name for his/her domain and then registering the chosen name with an accredited domain name registration organization, giving the end-user the sole right to modify any information he choose to about his registered domain.

(2) To host a domain name, the end-user chooses a web host to host his registered domain name and this is done by signing up with a web host company, which would provide the user with domain name settings (DNS) services, coupled with other facilities it chooses to make available. This domain hosting is totally free of cost.


Now, for free hosting domain, the end-user picks a web hosting service organization which would provide he/she with a domain name as well as hosting services for free or he/she could get a domain name free and then search for other organizations who could provide free hosting domain services . Most sites provide free domain hosting services as well as domain registration services thereby making it easy and faster for users to both get a domain name and host it.

Tips and comments

Free hosting domain services are usually sponsored by providers of large telecommunication services that provide free hosting domain services in a sub domain format such as those provided by blog sites e.g. (your name. Blog These free sub domains usually come with restrictions such as limits on file type, file sizes, image hosting as well as limits on advertisements that bring no revenue to the service providers. Although, end-users who need services such as video hosting, image, audio or file hosting could also search for free hosting domain services that would provide them with the exact services they require.

Having your domain on platforms that provides free domain hosting service which are flexible is a great way to create a web page dedicated to your endeavors which could be social, sporty or business related with the assurance that you would end up with a web page tailored to your own unique taste for your own use and in some rare cases created by you.