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There are several steps to keep in mind when you are building a website. Domain registration is one of them. Having a domain name is important because it serves as the address of a site and this is where people will go to find things and information that they look for. As an example, if you are selling books, your domain name will likely be But if you are promoting pest control services, it will likely sound like this; The extension of your domain name is also crucial as you can add different extensions such as org, com, or the abbreviation of a country. Often, it is easy to pinpoint the location of a website through the extension of the domain registration. Country abbreviations such as ca (Canada), eu (European Union), de (Germany), uk (United Kingdom), and ch (Switzerland) are dead giveaways.


Decades before, domain registration was simple, using numerical addresses of websites on computer network. Each computer device tracked its host file using a host name associated with a numerical address. Because there were too many computers on the network and with the proliferation of the internet, it was difficult to identify and retrieve these sites without associating a domain name. As a result, the domain name registration was streamlined and hostname registry was centralized in 1983. Thus, the Domain Name System that involved domain registration was introduced. The first domain registration transpired in March 15, 1985 when a computer company in Cambridge, Massachusetts registered its domain name. As of 2009, there are 192 million domain names registered worldwide (


Domain registration involves several easy steps. However, it is also important to know the parts of a domain name. One is the name itself of the website and the other part is the extension file. Overall, the domain name identifies the host server of a computer and the owner of the domain which is why domain registration is an important step.

Management of the entire domain system is managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). It is also responsible for assigning domain name registrars and under this, are various resellers which can complete domain registration. Note that the extension files of org, com, edu, mil, net, gov, and int are top level domain names in addition to country code abbreviations (written as 2 letters).

Host registrars which may consist of several sellers and resellers are responsible for registering domain names. When a company or an individual performs domain registration, there are several information required by the host registrars or sellers such as a real name, physical address, and telephone number for information management and billing purposes. The person who registered the domain name has control over its use.

Therefore, domain registration should be easy to do. Simply have a look at the list of domain registrars available on the net. There are plenty of offers that exist at different price points. However, before you do this, you must have a clear idea of the domain name you are going to register. As this name will be checked against a data base to avoid duplication, it is best to go for a unique, but not an unusual name that is easy to remember. Provide your details, decide how long your are going to keep the domain name and pay the fees.


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Note that domain names are not technically owned by people and entities. They are just rights to use the name exclusively without any form of ownership.

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