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Tips For Clever Domain Names For a Cleaning Business


At this day and age, you can find any business on the internet. Businesses that deal with offering cleaning services are part of the market that are fast up-coming and becoming global multi-national corporate. The most convenient way of a multi-national corporate to have a strong global command in its industry is by establishing a strong online presence. This is achieved by the use of a website.
A website is a strong marketing tool which is used by businesses worldwide that want to gain control of the international market or expand their market to other potential regions of the globe. A strong online presence means that the website should appear first in all major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Assuming that the company hired professional web design services and have a state of the art website, the number one determinant of the website presence on the internet is the names domain.
For a cleaning business to gain dominance on the internet, it must have a website with a names domain that complements the business. You therefore need to have a clever strategy to guide you while choosing a names domain for your business. The following tips will help guide you while choosing a names domain for your cleaning business:

Step 1

Ensure that the names domain contains the business name. This is because your business name is the identity of the business and should therefore still be its identity on the internet. If for example your business is called “XYZ Cleaning Services”, try to get a names domain that matches the name such as, and so on.

Step 2

After you have chosen the names domain for your business and if you have enough funds, try and purchase like three or four more names domain that are closely similar to the main domain name before your competition does; taking into consideration spelling mistakes and customers confusing domain tlds’. This is essential to ensure you do not lose any business due to small mistakes. For example if you choose, also try and purchase,, and so on. If you do this, ensue that your webmaster or designer maps all the other names domain to the main business names domain.

Step 3

It would be good to have a national identity to your cleaning business on the internet. This will be dictated by the tld of your names domain. This is because some customers will become loyal to a website due to the home country of the company. For example if the cleaning business is in England, you may opt for

Step 4

Ensure you purchase an ip address protection package while you are acquiring your names domain. This will ensure that your business will not be prone to loosing the names domain to any malicious person or organization. Remember, your names domain is a major asset to your cleaning business.

Step 5

For the main names domain, it may be wise for you to pay for two or three years in advance. This will give you a long term ownership of the business and will also shield you from future unexpected increase in names domain pricing.


The following tips may help you while getting a names domain for your cleaning business:

  1. Keep the names domain short and simple.
  2. Pay all fees for the names domain a few years in advance.
  3. Compare the domain prices from a number of domain registration companies.

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By Ngari Njoroge, published at 03/23/2012
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