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A domain is something that you need to register yourself on if you want to make your own website. You can register a domain name on the domain name registrar. A domain name is very much similar to a product that you purchase. The process of getting a domain or registering your domain name is just like purchasing a product online. There are many steps, which are must to register your own domain name.

Step 1

The very first thing that you can do to register your domain name is to find a website that will register you easily on the web. There are many websites, which register websites. Most sites register your name for the web, and people can have access to it by using the name by which has been registered. There are many website companies that can help a business owner register a domain name.

Step 2

After doing this you need to come up with a good name for your website. This name can be anything that you want. It can also be something that is related to what your website is all about. So you can come with a domain name that goes with your website.

Step 3

After this you can search on the registrar for the domain name that you have come up. This search is important because you have to know if the name that you want to use is being used by someone else or not. If the name that you have selected is already in use by someone else then you can not use it therefore you have to come up with a different domain name. After doing this you can use this name for as long as you want.

Step 4

Once you have done this you need a credit card or a Pay Pal account, to get your domain name immediately. This requirement has to be fulfilled by a lot of the registrars, as this is a way by which you can claim your domain name immediately by means of an application. This is not an optional thing in getting a domain name; you have to fulfill it, as it is necessary.

Step 5

You can also register a domain name using your web host. Using a web host is much easier as you do not have to register yourself to various temporary websites. You can get them by using their primary or secondary names. You can save the entire information in the DNS or the FAQ or by means of other information in the documentation on the site under the heading of DNS or domain name transfer. Once you click “yes” to your domain name just provide your contact details which are fresh and you will get your name registered.


There are many domain name registrars. You can get registered using them. There are also ways by which you can get different types of registration. You can even have your domain name privately registered. There are many web hosts which can help you register your domain name which include; Paypal, dotster, and many more.

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