How To Get a Domain Name
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How To Get a Domain Name

Published at 03/01/2012 19:12:49


How To Get a Domain Name

Get to domain names for your website by searching and purchasing one online. Do you have your very own website that you would like to have a domain name for? Domain names are available to purchase in a number of different extensions, such as .com, .net, and .org. A domain name can make your website stand out among the crowd. Think up the perfect domain name that is catchy and fits your website. To domain websites, the URL will be much shorter and easier for users to find and spell when trying to access your website. You can purchase to domain names for as low as $1.

Step 1

To domain name pick, you will need to think about your overall website and the message that you are trying to send. The domain name that you use is what your website will be known by. Some of the most popular websites have catchy domain names that most people know if you mention them. Because there are so many websites already out there, your to domain name should set the website apart from other similar websites. Many domain names may already be taken, so it is important to think of several different ones that you may want to use for your site.

Step 2

To domain name register, you will need to visit a domain name registering website. There are many sites out there where you can purchase a domain name. Same sites may even offer discounts on a domain name purchase if you also buy a website hosting package through them. At Go Daddy, to register a domain name you can pay just $2.95 per year. This is an excellent value for a domain name purchase. also offers great deals on domain name registrations when purchasing for at least one years time.

Step 3

The next step to domain name register is to search for available domain names. No matter which registration website you choose to use, you will need to start a search to see if the domain name you like is available. Type your wanted domain name into the search box and select the extenstion that you would like. While a domain name may not be available with a .com extension, it may be available as .net and others. It is important for you to decide which extensions you'd like to use in case some are not available.

Step 4

After you start to domain name search, you will be shown which ones are currently available. If a .com domain name is not available in that name, you will be shown if it is available with other extensions. You will also see the price that they domain name that you like costs. If your domain name is not available at all, you can see other variations of the name that the search engine hs chosen for you. If you like any of these, consider using one as your website's new domain name.

Step 5

The last step to domain name register, is to add the domain name to your cart and complete the check out process. Be sure to enter any promotion codes that you have during check out to get the best deal on your new domain name.


How To Get a Domain Name

Think long and hard about your domain name choice before registering. This is what your website will be known as and should be something that you can easily remember.

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