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How To Apply For a Domain Name

Published at 03/05/2012 22:40:03


A domain name would be described as an address for a certain website. Though it is linked mostly to websites it has also been used in other Internet resources. It is mandatory for a website to be registered in order for it to be accessed in the Internet. This is usually done by a registrar of company. What this company does is that it serves as an intermediary between the ICANN which is the Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers and the end users. In order to have a domain to your website you have to go through such a company. This will mean that you will have an exclusive domain name for your business or organization.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is come up with an exceptional name you wish your website to have. It is advisable when you are coming up with this name you think of a variety since sometimes you can find a number of names have already been used and are unavailable.

Step 2

When you want to have a domain to your website the next step is deciding what type of extension your website should have. This is very important when you want to domain your website. These extensions can,.net Taking the right one will definitely depend on the purpose your site is to serve. Whenever you find your name has already been taken don’t just lose hope sometimes you can find others still open for buying.

Step 3

The next step and most important one when you are having a domain to your website is checking the availability of your name. Check if the name you have come up with is available and whether it can be used. If for instance you find it has already been used you will get access to the owners information including the expiration of the registration. The site will give you alternative names to that which you had developed. This will therefore make your selection much easier.

Step 4

By now you will be ready to domain your website. The next thing you are to do is find a registrar. Remember only to find those reputable registrars only. To achieve this you can search the phrase “registrar of domain name” in the Internet and you will have plenty to choose from. For each make sure you read and understand what they offer. Also read reviews to know their reputation.

Step 5

The final step to domain your website is going through the registration process. The whole process will be guided by the registrar’s website that you have chosen. They are actually the ones to complete the process for you by testing for the final availability of the name. They will only register when the name is available.


When choosing the registrar company you should make sure it is reputable and has experience.


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