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How To Get a Domain Name With a Web Hosting Company


Many people are ignorant about the term domain name. They don’t even realize that they surf the web with the help of a domain name. Domain name is attached to the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), and helps to recognize the website. For example, in this the domain name is the Hope this clears your concept about the domain name. Next, we are going to discuss about getting a domain name for domain web hosting with the help of Web Hosting Company. There are many available companies, which provide service for domain web hosting. Just by following these simple steps of the domain web hosting, you will be able to get a domain name.

Step 1

Choose the name of the domain. Many webmasters are generally confused to get a good domain name. There are few important reasons to do that because a simple, easy and short domain name helps user to remember the name quickly. The maximum length of the domain name is about 60 characters. The domain name should be descriptive and if possible avoid acronym. Many domain web hosting companies follow this standard rule. They even suggest a proper name which should be relevant to the content of your site. The extension of domain name includes .com, .net, .org, .info etc. Country specific extensions are also available, such as .ca for Canada, .th for Thailand and .in for India.

Step 2

Choosing a domain name isn’t the end of the process. If you try to type the domain name in the browser and you are able to see errors. This means that, there may be some process preparation by the domain web hosting company. Domain web hosting company generally takes about 2 days to activate the site. Returning back to the error, the error may also be attributed to the availability of the domain name, preparation of the website by the domain web hosting company, purchase the name for future use or wants to sell the name at a higher price. The unavailability doesn’t ensure the availability of the domain name.

Step 3

many domain web hosting companies’ checks the availability of the domain name with the extension (.com, .org). You can also purchase domain name from genuine domain web hosting company. Try those, who have quite an experience in this field. The price of domain name varies from $10 to $90. You must choose which is easy on your pocket and reliable.

Step 4

if you want to take a name that is already owned by somebody else, you can find the owner and try to persuade them to sell the domain name. It is a common method, which was used by companies whose name was already purchased by somebody.

Step 5

you can also purchase expired domain name. To do that, contact the owner of the domain and request them to sell that particular name. Many owners don’t want to use the name or doing any business on them. They generally loose their interest in maintain the site, and are quite eager to sell at a nominal price.


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additional tips

Creating a website can cost you some money.

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