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A domain name is the displayed name of a website such as or It is what people will come across when entering upon a certain website or if they are searching specifically for a website they will type in the domain name. If you wish to register a domain name there are a few steps you will need to follow. In this article we have supplied these steps and some handy tips for your benefit.

Step 1

The first step you will need to take is to come up with a domain name to register. Try to fit the domain name to the subject matter of the website, so people know what you particular website will be about and if they search a related topic your website will show up. Create a fun and innovative domain name, one which will catch the attention of any Internet user and subsequently draw them to your home page on your website.

Step 2

After you've come up with a single domain name or a list of potential domain names to register the next step is to discern whether or not its available. You can complete this by going on an official register website and typing it in. is an ideal place to carry out this task, they have over 52 million domain names under their management, over a third of the Internet runs through their severs and they have over 10 million customs. All factors that portray a reliable and successful domain registry website. To see if your domain name has already been taken type it in to the domain search portal. If it is taken then you'll have to find an alternative domain name to register. However if it is available you can move on to the next step to register your domain name.

Step 3

After finding an original domain name (which can be a difficult task with hundreds of millions of domain names already out there) you will now need to decide what suffix your domain will be registerd with. These include .com, .biz, .net

Step 4

After conceiving a domain name and applicable suffix the final step is to decide how long you wish to reserve the name for. Typically to register a domain name you pay on yearly basis to have that specific name with a maximum of ten years available.Price will vary in accordance to the register website you are using and the length of time you wish to own the name.

Step 5

Once paid the domain name is officially registered online and it is yours for a specific amount of time.


Try to be as creative and innovative as possible with your potential domain name, as this is something that will either attract users to your website or repeal them.

When coming to paying for your domain name analysis how long you think you are going to need this specific domain name. If it seems like a long term venture than be sure to register for a longer time period (up to ten years) or if you are not quite sure than maybe registering for only a year may be the better option.


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