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Domain for Free

Published at 03/08/2012 07:27:24


Domain for Free

You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get a domain name. There are many sites that offer free domain names and it isn't hard to get one. The first step in getting a free domain name is to decide what type of name you want and on what type of domain server. There are many ways to get free domain names and if you don't opt for the free names, you can certainly save tons of money even if you do have to pay.

Step 1

One of the easiest ways to get a free domain name is to get your name through a subdomain name. A subdomain name means that you are part of a larger site, but have your own name. The main website would be part of your name and then would be usually followed by a forward slash and your domain name. This means you are still a part of the main domain, but have your own identity. This is a great way to get a free domain name quickly and easily.

Step 2

Many website package companies offer free domain names if you sign up for their server for your website. Most website owners need to purchase a server so this helps to save money in part of the process. This can help you rack up the savings from being able to avoid the fees required from choosing and registering a free domain name. Before you sign up with a web server, check with them to see if they offer this valuable savings.

Step 3

Another great way to get your own free domain is to check with your Internet provider. Many Internet providers offer this free service by giving subdomain names to their customers as a part of their Internet package. This can be a great way to get your own free domain name without a lot of hassle and searching. If you aren't sure if your Internet provider offers this service, call them up and check. It is worth checking into.

Step 4

Another great way to get a free domain name is to search the Internet. There are a host of websites that offer free web domain names. The best way is to search the Internet and read different reviews. Don't believe every ad you read because you can be fooled into thinking you are getting a free domain when in reality you are not. Many of these companies do offer free domain names on the premise that you have ads on your site. The ads can sometimes contain both spam and viruses so it is important to get good reviews on the company that you decide to use.

Step 5

There are some companies that give out referral names for free after you have earned them. You can earn them through referrals to the website. The way you earn referrals is to place the company's ad on your site. Each click through that purchases a domain name allows you to gain points towards your own free domain name. These points can add up quickly if you have a heavy traffic site! Don't be afraid to try this method if you are not having luck with the others. This can truly be an excellent way to get credits for free domain names.


Domain for Free

Don't be afraid to check for free domain names through the web.

Check referral sites.

Ask your Internet provider for a name.

Choose to go the subdomain route.

Have fun choosing a creative domain name for your site.

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