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What Is the Work Of Domain Server?


A domain name system provides a domain name and IP address to each client. The domain name system gives an easy way to find any computer over the huge infrastructure of the internet with the help of domain name and its unique IP address. With the increased demand over the internet, it became the responsibility of each system administrator to provide domain names for globalization purpose. Now we can introduce our work to the world by just getting a domain name through a domain name system (DNS). Work of a domain name system is to transform the unique domain name allocated to each computer into IP address, which will help users to transform data on the internet easily. Internet Protocol (IP) address is also unique among each computer. While searching any IP address on the internet, you don't need to remember IP address of each computer you can just type few starting letters of its domain. Domain server is intelligent enough to manage a huge database and can locate the respective IP address of that domain name itself, so it can lead you towards that required site.


Main task of domain server is to allocate IP address to each computer when they are first connected to the network. Domain server assigns a unique IP address to each computer. If a new computer is connected and IP address is already allocated to any existing computer then domain server will create a new one for the newly introduced computer. Domain Name Server acts like a phone directory which contains all coded IP addresses of domain names on the internet. It is accessible easily through all web hosts and acts like a Central Registry.


Domain name server usually takes 36 hours normally to update or populate a domain name. When domain name is allocated; it can be accessed worldwide, requested by any web host. Internet is working from beginning on the pattern of domain server and it is managing data so efficiently like a human brain. Most interesting thing about it is that it continuously updates IP addresses, which are required to be updated because new computers keep connecting and disconnected always.

Tips and comments

To publish your work on internet you need to host your website. The companies who provide you the facility of hosting websites are named as web hosts or domain hosts, which work on the same principle of domain server explained above. Before selecting a web host you should confirm it before, that the host is efficient enough to handle your email addresses and will provide you with the ability to host maximum pages. In order to be popular on internet in the competition of popular website all you need is to have a good domain host that provides you the opportunity to handle your email accounts and web pages smoothly as well as it should support you in order to perform various other activities to better manage and publish your websites. Domain hosts usually host the place where your site is located and email addresses for authentication, from where host gets access and provides it to users for browsing.

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