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For a business, having a domain of its own on the internet is very important to let others know about their online presence. Once the business starts to gain popularity among the people, every business will be looking to make online presence a reality. There are many advantages of having a domain of your own while running a business organization. While choosing a place to register the domain, it is important to choose a service provider which is reliable and fast. Google also provides domain registration services under the name Google domain. Google provides great service to the customers with utmost reliability.


Registering a domain with Google domain costs $10 per year. When you register with Google domain, it is not the domain alone that you get, but there are additional services too that adds to the package. You get the complete control and management power over the DNS. Your data is also protected with private registrations. In addition to all this, the newly registered domain with Google Domain also gets the benefit of a 30 day free trial of Google Apps for business.


To register a Google Domain, first navigate to the “Google Apps for business” page. You need to have a Google domain registered to go further. There will be a button to find the domain. You can enter the desired Google domain name and hit find now. If the domain is available, you can register it by paying $10 per year.
Google domain apps come free with the domain for 30 days. After that, you can choose between two available plans. This is one among the most frequently asked questions regarding Google domain apps. One is an annual plan where you will have to pay $50 each year for each user account. However, if you choose the second type, the flexible plan, then the charge is $5 for each user account every month. You can select a plan according to the company requirements.

Tips and comments

If the business is based on seasonal trades, which means the company will have more employees during one time of the year while during other times, there won’t be much recruitments. For companies like this, flexible plans will be better where the company will pay particular amounts for each user accounts. If your business and the number of employees are almost the same throughout the year, then annual plan is a better choice where you will need to pay only $50 instead of $60. For both the plans, the fees will be charged by the end of every month.
There are many businesses already using other services like Microsoft Exchange etc. Google Apps for Business promises a better quality service when compared to others. Google domain Apps is definitely a cheaper method which is sure to attract many businesses. Google also promises about better security features in place, better usability for the employees, greater storage space and overall, value for the money that you spend. With the kind of features included in the package, you can expect a lot more coming forward to use this service and many more switching to Google Apps.

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