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This is the best and the most interesting technology from the technological giants Microsoft. Using this domain services feature, users can modify their domain mail records and all the features of the Windows Live Hotmail will be available to their domain. These domain services are used by many people because of its great features, usability and its free service. The new name of this domain services is Windows Live Custom Domains. The name was subsequently changed to Windows Live Admin Center. Few of the benefits of using this domain service are that from a single locus you can manipulate and manage your users very easily. Below we are going to discuss about the Microsoft domain services.

This domain services is used to create a new Live ID account which will be specific to the domain. For example, if you are holder of a particular domain like, with the help of the Windows Live Admin center you will be able to create first, register your domain name to the Live Admin center. The good thing about this facility is that you can administer the account, change user’s name, removing the name and perform maintenance if you like. Earlier, this kind of facility was not provided. all these facility is new in the Windows Live Admin Center.

As stated above, every webmaster with a little experience can do all such kind of things, so why is the need of these domain services. The answer to this question is the dynamic features which Windows incorporates in this service. A single Live ID can be used to access all kinds of live series provided with the Microsoft. Suppose, if a user from different domain wants to access the facility of your service then what. This is where the Windows Live Admin Center comes into play.

The integration of the different Live ID and the application is simple awesome. Windows takes care of all this headaches and provides you with a great experience of Live ID model. Registering and authorizing an account is the jurisdiction of the Live Admin Center and they take care of it without bothering you. These benefits of the domain services make this service unique and safe. Since the service is free you can get stared by just going to the Windows Live Admin Center website and register your account.

You can also use these domain services to send and receive and email with instant message capability. A Live ID account gives you about 5GB of space free of cost unlike some webhosting companies. After registering an account, if you don’t know anything about this service uses, the “Get Started” feature to understand the working of this service.

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Virus and Trojans scanning is also done by the Live Admin Center. With the help of Software Development Kit (SDK) you can create your own personal application for particular domain users. Since the domain services is free of cost you can ask for more number of accounts just by applying account. Microsoft SmartScreen technology controls the incoming of spam and junk emails. Creation of advertisement modules is also very easy and simple. Users can signup with your domain to receive that particular advertisement.

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