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How To Do An Advanced Search on Google

Published at 03/01/2012 19:50:59


Advanced search on Google helps you to do your research in a much better way. It also helps you with your research projects that you have to perform in your universities or for your business. The advanced search Google helps you out with many things but there is a proper way to carry out this research process. So for this purpose you should always make sure that you apply the right method for the research.

Step 1

The very first thing that you have to do to carry out the advanced search Google is to write all the words that are a part of the research. To refine your research, try to use as exact words to your search as possible.

Step 2

Once you get the results, you must narrow them down the results to the ones that you require. You should narrow them done by means of language, region and of the time period that you want. This narrowing down is an important tool offered in the advanced search Google.

Step 3

The next thing in your advanced search Google is that you look while researching is that you read the terms and conditions of a particular web page and then you have to look at all the links that are related to your research. You also can try carrying out the safe search process. This can be done by carrying out the filtering process. This filtering will give you only those things that you want for your research.

Step 4

You can also type in the file format in which you want the researched work to be displayed in, for your advanced search Google. This makes your research easy and you can read the format that you want. This way you can read the files without downloading the software in which they are displayed. Or if there is a specific format of files that you need, only they will be displayed.

Step 5

You must also be careful about the advanced search Google about the usage rights of the web pages. If you simply ignore the terms and conditions of the web page and use the information displayed without keeping them in mind then that will just not be correct as you want to carry out your research process without violating the laws of a particular web page. You must also after using the information that is provided on a web page provide the correct citation because if you do not provide the proper citation then your paper might not be accepted as then it will be considered to be plagiarized. And plagiarism is considered as a crime. There can be severe effects for plagiarism and there might be a risk that your research paper will not be accepted and you might get a really bad grade.


Advanced search Google is very helpful and you get the correct results and the required information only if you try and be as specific as possible. The key to being specific is that you write the correct things before you actually click onto the search button. The advanced search Google must be performed in the ways mentioned above as they will provide you with the best results.


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