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Besides being one of the best search engines. Google is one of the most visited websites and is in the top 5 websites if the world. It gets over 2.5 billion searches everyday. It is a multinational Internet and software corporation that is specialized in Internet search, cloud computing, and advertising technologies.

Rapid Search: is very powerful and extremely fast. It can return numerous results even before you hit the enter button. That's less than a second to get the required results. Google does this by using a secret algorithm to rank the results of keyword searches. This feature of Google has helped it make millions of loyal users.

Size: Size matters. A search engine that indexes more pages and creates a larger index will definitely have an advantage over other search engines that have smaller indexes. Not only do you get a more thorough set of results, but you are likely to find less common information.

User-friendly: Besides giving recommendations whilst you type, the Google Custom Search Engines empower users to choose preferred pages that they would want to include in their index and how the resulting content should be prioritized. So you get a relevant set of suggestions, customised the way you want them.

It's reliable, simple and effective: You can count on it. Although it really depends on the accuracy of your search, it will always give you the best recommended websites and there are loads to choose from. It's search interface is simple, clean and uncluttered making it very easy and fun to use. Ads are marked clearly as ads and do not distract the users. is not only a search engine. It has many exciting and useful features and you will find that most of their products and services are free and finding new ones is just as exciting as a treasure hunt. www.Google,com comes with its own dictionary and spell checker. Spelling mistakes are not a problem since you will get results based on the closest and most expected match. It also has a powerful language translator.

Gmail is a free and intuitive advertising-supported email service with up to 7+ GB of storage. It promises less spam and is fun to use. It also has a priority inbox that keeps the most important messages away from the rest. Google Blogger allows you to make your own blog. Google Spreadsheets lets you create and maintain spreadsheets on the web. These can then be edited by more than one person.

Google Docs lets you create and share your work online. Google Maps offer street maps, route planners for travelling and an urban business locator for many countries around the world. Another product, Google Earth is a stand-alone program which offers more globe-viewing features and lets you visit almost any location on Earth. Google Picasa lets you maintain and organize your photo albums and Hello lets you share your photos with your friends.

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Apart from all the mentioned features, the team at has a lot more to offer and is always on its way to make your time over the network more effective and worthwhile.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/02/2012
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