How Google Com Use in Our Daily Life
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How Google Com Use in Our Daily Life

Published at 03/03/2012 15:13:18


How Google Com Use in Our Daily Life

Google com is one of the most popular search engines in the world. Millions of people around the world use it in their daily lives regardless of their profession. Especially nowadays, when internet is so common, our lives seem to be dependant on Google. It seems to have solutions to our daily life problems. Through Google we can get large reservoirs of information in just a few seconds and can also get latest news.

There are several advantages of using google com as it provides many useful services besides web search like Google Maps, Google Translator, Google Talk, Gmail, Youtube and many more.

Uses and Features

How Google Com Use in Our Daily Life

People all around the world consider Google Search as a great blessing of God. If we search about just one word on google com, it provides millions of results in less than a second. It provides web search, image search, book search, and document search options for its users. Students, teachers, business men, doctors, lawyers, engineers, writers, and people belonging from almost all professions around the world take advantage of Google Search in there daily routines.

Google map serves as the greatest navigator and guides people all around the world. It can show satellite images of any place in the world. Whenever you need to know about the location of your destination you can always search it out through Google Maps; it can also tell you about your current location and about your vicinity.

Have you ever stuck on a word of any foreign language right in the middle of a book or right in the middle of the conversation with your foreign friend? Well, Google Translator solves your problem by translating words from variety of languages into many other languages e.g. Arabic, French, English, Urdu, Spanish, Italian, Chinese etc. It also helps in reducing the language barriers in the communication of people belonging to different regions of the world.

People living in different countries or distant places use Google Talk for chatting with their friends and family. It brings distant near! You can chat with them and get their replies with in seconds, no matter how distant they are. You can make audio and video calls, share files and images with them and can do much more.

Gmail is used by large number of people for sending electronic mails to their colleagues, friends, family and other people. Through Gmail one can send mails to any number of recipients. It provides you the facility to attach files of up to 25 MB (Megabytes) size, with the mail as well. You can also save your friends’, relatives’ and other peoples’ contact in Gmail. It’s fast, easy to use and stores large number of your messages.

Youtube is the most famous video-sharing website in the world. It is also considered the greatest source of entertainment equally liked by people of all ages. If anybody has Gmail account, he or she can share (upload) videos on Youtube. Anyone can watch videos on and download videos from this website without the need to have a Gmail account.


How Google Com Use in Our Daily Life

Now, one should think that why people use google com so much? Well, the answer could be: usually, people need two major things in their lives; first is job for earning money or studies in case of students, and second is entertainment for relaxing themselves. If we look upon Google services that we use almost daily, e.g. mailing, chatting with friends, watching videos on Youtube, finding places where we are interested to go, and searching for any type of information on net, we would come up with a conclusion that these services provide both entertainment as well as assistance for performing their day to day activities or jobs. It can be stated that whoever uses internet also uses google com frequently. Hence, Google has become a part of our daily lives.