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The website is one of the most popular search engines. It is an American Multinational Internet and software corporation and has specialization in internet search, cloud computing, advertising technologies, web applications, browser and operating system development. It hosts a number of internet services and products. In 1996 Sergey Brin and Larry Page worked on making the search engine.

Step 1 was originated from the word googol, meaning a number represented by 1 followed by one hundred zeros. Google the best search engine runs over one million servers in data centers around the world. It can process over one billion search requests. Its products include web browser google chrome, the picasa photo organization and editing software and google talk. Also development of android mobile is included. Google is the combination of two words “Go” and “Ogle” which means, to look or stare.

Step 2

To get the answer of any query, the content of your friend in response to your search result will be included in search +. You can also expand your social connections with the related profiles to your queries with the help of plus profiles. There will be great relevance and value in the contents generated by your contacts than the results from larger webs. Social results and search plus results can easily be distinguished as the search results will be marked in the result list with a little blue person.

Step 3 is working to block dangerous pages. Popular websites warn their users to keep away from harmful sites. Many blacklists sites are those where hackers have placed malicious content. Due to this malicious content the owners have to face a lot of problems and the reputation of the site goes down. Hackers post these content either they are jealous, to earn money, to have fun etc.

Step 4

If a duplicate site is found in, then first of all check that the information in both the sites is same or different. Then see which site has more listing than the other. Then check for the CIDs (the unique key for each listing).

Step 5 dance is when your page receives too many backlists in a short period. To avoid this keep building more back links and mix back link type and anchor text through this it will stabilize in 1 week. Make sure that you do not stop the link building campaign.


Sometimes when you log in to your Blogger account, you encounter problems. A page may be displayed that tells that the page isn’t available. In such situations first check that your internet connection is working. Access your account by another computer. If nothing is possible then check Blogger status, sometimes after logging in a blank dashboard is faced. This is because either you have logged in with the wrong username or password or you have violated the Google terms and services.


Google is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which can organize pages on the web, and relevant results are given. gives relevant answer in the first page. It keeps the users updated.

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