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The brainchild of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, in January 1996, Google started off fairly mediocre if you compare it to other great innovative ideas. The webpage was so simple that it made the early users to think the page hadn’t loaded properly. At first Google was named BackRub since it used the technology of checking the quality and quantity of the backlinks of the websites relative to the search but later it was changed to Google, a misspelling of the word “Googol” by the founders. The website grew so much with time that in 2011 it had reached about 1 billion people across the Globe. The reason www Google was created was to give people free access to the vast network of information present on the World Wide Web. And it really did achieve that goal to a great extent since it has a reach to over 1 billion people.


As time progressed for this company so did its products and reach to people and therefore expanding the horizon for newer and more innovative ideas to help people achieve more through so many products offered by www Google.


Google search offers a swift response to any query made through it in a matter of milliseconds. It also offers a search engine to the blind known as the accessible search, image search whereby a user can input an image to search for similar images and the user can also search for videos.

Over time www Google has introduced many new top notch products to facilitate its users with various other features. One of these is the Google Maps and Google Earth features which can be used to search for the real-time geographical images or maps of places and home addresses. This particular product got very popular among the users and Google Earth was made into an individual software but free nonetheless.

YouTube, a subsidiary of Google has the world’s largest video database with years of videos stored in its server. YouTube provides its users with all sorts of videos ranging from entertainment to academics.

Also a product of Google is the android OS designed for smartphones with such a huge rate of success that it has taken over many older and profitable companies in both the number of users and gross profit. Google has also launched a web browser application called Chrome which is a fast and safe browser designed for every kind of internet connection be it fast or slow.

Gmail is also a very fast and effective email product of www Google. Before launching Gmail it was considered that there are 6 types of email users and Gmail was designed to cater for all 6 of these users and it was of no surprise that it got so popular with its users. It offers a vast amount of storage space to its users and a higher level of control to incoming mails.



It is of no doubt that www Google has achieved immense success over a short period of time with it having a stronghold in almost every aspect of internet we could think of. It has made information liquefied for all the users with individual needs and queries who demand both speed and authenticity.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/01/2012
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