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Advantages Of Using Google Voice

Published at 03/01/2012 09:49:04


Google voice is becoming more and more popular among Internet users. Google voice is a free feature for those who use Google and their free Gmail email account service. As of February 2012, Google voice has 1.4 million users. Google voice offers free PC to phone calling, PC to PC calling and free video calling. It is one of the favorite services to those who are Gmail subscribers.


Google voice was launched on March 11th, 2009 and is maintained by the user in a web-based application on the Internet or even on a smart phone. The Google voice application can be used by those who have Windows, Mac and Linux. Google voice also offers other services with it's Google voice application. It offers voicemail, text messaging, conference calling, call history, call screening, the blocking of unwanted callers, voice transcription and call forwarding.

Advantages of Using Google Voice

There are several advantages to using Google Voice. Some of the best features and advantages are as follows:

It's all online and easy to access: With Google voice, all you really need is an Internet connection as everything is maintained online. The menu's are easy to navigate and user friendly. The settings are also very easy to understand and simple to navigate. It does not require a lot of technical knowledge to be able to navigate through Google voice.

Great call screening service: Google voice has a great call screening service. Let's say you don't want to take a call from a certain individual, then all you need to do is set up your settings so that callers have to say their first and last name before you answer.

Custom greetings: Just like with any voicemail service, you always want to personalize the voicemail greeting. Google voice allows you to fully customize the voicemail greeting. You can choose from professional greetings to casual greetings or simply do your own greeting, by recording your own voice.

Group calls: Google voice offers group calling. This feature is especially cool if you want to have a phone conference for work or even if you want to get a couple of your friends on the phone all at the same time to plan something.

One Google number that rings all of your phones: With Google voice, you can add all your other phone numbers into their system. For example, if you have a land line phone as well as a cell phone, you can add those two numbers into your Google number and then when someone calls you on your cell phone or land line, it will automatically be transferred to your Google voice number.

International calling: Google voice offers international calling, however international calls are not free, users are charged per minute. However, for US calls, it is entirely free.

Tips and comments

There are plenty of awesome features that Google voice offers, in order to learn all about the features, just go to the official Google voice web page. You can sign up for a Google voice account if you already have a Gmail account or you can simply just ask a friend for an 'invite' to try out the new service.