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Published at 02/29/2012 21:23:03


You can chat with friends and family around the world by using talk Google. This online chat program is powered by the popular web search engine, Google. Talk Google gives you the ability to chat with others right from your email account. There is no software necessary to use the Google Talk services. If you would prefer to download the program and have it appear right on your desktop, Google Talk offers this feature as well. The Google chat plug-in for Gmail and the Google Talk software each offer different features that can be used when chatting with friends and family.

Talk Google was created as a means for people to instantly stay in touch with each other by using their email accounts. Even if using the Google Talk software that is downloaded to your PC, you will be using your email account to log in and chat. Google chat has changed for the better over the last several years, adding new features and designs for chatting. What started as just a basic chat application has turned into one of the most popular instant messaging programs around the world. Not only can you chat with Google Talk, but you can also use voice and video communication.

One of the best features that Google Talk offers, is the ability to video and voice chat. You do not need to download the software to be able to video and voice chat, as this feature is available right from your Gmail account. These features can also be used on both PC and Mac computers. When you're talking with a friend, perhaps typing just isn't enough. Video and voice communication lets you see and hear each other in real time.

Instead of using a cellphone to chat, which doesn't allow for video communication, just turn on your computer, open your Gmail account, and get in touch with people around the entire world. Using Google Talk from your web browser is simple. In your Gmail account page, click on a person's name in the little chat box to start instant messaging. If your friend has a camera next to their name, this means that they are available for video chat. Simply click the camera button to turn on the video option. Unlike other instant messaging programs, because this one is built-in to your web browser, it will not take up storage space on your computer.

Talk Google is also available in desktop software form. If you prefer having a software application, it can be downloaded straight to your desktop. All you have to do to start it up is open the software and log in with your Gmail account information. In addition to video, voice, and text chat through Google Talk software, you can also send and receive files with others who are also using the software. This is available for PC users only. Voice conferencing is also available if you are looking to speak with more than one person at once, the perfect option for business meetings.

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