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Images play a very important role in our lives. There are certain things that cannot be explained and elaborated through words and written text. There is usually some further information that is required, to explain a certain concept more clearly. This is where images come in. Wherever there is a need to provide some visual aspect and make a concept more understandable, people use different kinds of images. Google is one of the pioneers of images. Google provides a variety of images as a result of just a single keyword!

Step 1

In order to make things easier for people and provide them with a better understanding of a concept, there was an introduction of images. Google took the initial step towards it. Millions of images appear for different keywords. They can be saved and downloaded too, in order to keep a record of all the pictures.

Step 2

Searching images on Google is a very simple and easy task. You just have to enter a keyword on the text bar and press enter. A new window will appear which will demonstrate all the related and accurate images. Google also displays many images that have a link, directly or indirectly, to the keyword that one enters. When you click your desired image, a larger picture appears on a new window, so that you can have a closer look at it.

Step 3

For example, if you want to search for your favorite band’s images, you enter the keyword of, for example, “linkin park” and a new window appears giving millions of linkin park images. Google images page will also show other possibly related images like the history of linkin park, their singers and musicians, lyrics of their songs etc.

Step 4

Now in order to understand the entire procedure of executing the images, one must understand how Google works. When a keyword is entered in the bar, the Google page utilizes the computer vision technique to link the keyword with the index of images and other collection of images that Google has. Then the process of filtration takes place from where the best matches of images and text description are screened out. A new window then appears showing the results of images. Google thus works in an extremely organized way.

Step 5

To search images on Google, one should have a browser installed in their system. Following are the browsers that can display images. Google chrome, Firefox, internet explorer and safari are some of them. Most of these browsers are already installed in ones system. The most widely used browser is Google chrome nowadays.


In order to find the accurate and desired image, one should enter the correct and closest keyword. This would make it easier for you to search and find appropriate results. It is usually advised to enter the main word in quotation marks so that it is highlighted the most. Therefore, those who once relied only on text based information can now search for a variety of images. Google has made lives and research processes much easier and simpler through images. Google thus aims at satisfying the needs of the viewers by just a single click.

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