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Google is one of the most used search engines. Other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing have failed to compete with the Google search engine. Google uses their own algorithm with which the results are shown for the most-popular websites. All of these pages are in the top half of the Google search result. The other half consists of least-popular websites. It also searches for video, news, images maps, etc. Google can search for anything which is related to the given keyword. is particularly used in Britain. There are many benefits of using Below are the five best things about


Essentials: This includes all the necessary features that are required for everyday use. provides users with features such as current weather or forecast, search about stocks, about a particular company, times of different cities in the world and all the latest football scores. For any enquiry about the weather, you will have to type ”weather” followed by the place, and you will find all the necessary information. The same method is used for searching the time of different cities. For updates about your favorite football club, type the club’s name and you will find all of the relevant information.

Tools: It is an important part of the It includes different tools such as calculator, searches of different books and unit conversions. All this can be achieved just by a simple type in the search box, and the rest will be done by The calculator can also be used to solve simple equations. To know about the books published by a particular author, just type the name of the author and you will see the result in no time. Unit conversion is also done in the same way.

more features

Keywords: Keywords are an important part of searching on Searching information about the keyword is easy, and many people are familiar with it. For searching the keyword and its synonym, just add a tilde before the keyword and you will find all relevant information. Many people are not familiar with this feature. has many other rich features that can benefit users.

Travel: Travel information is also available on the Google site. To get information on the arrivals as well as the departures of UK flights, type the name of the airline service, and if possible the flight number in the search box. To get information about the delays at any particular airport, type the name of the city or airport code which consists of three letters. For locating maps, type the name of the place or PIN code and the information will be displayed. There is a built-in currency converter with which the pound can be converted into any other currency.


Another interesting feature of is to track packages from FedEx or UPS from the search box. Just type the tracking number and it will show results that include links from where the package can be tracked and the status of the delivery will be shown.

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