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How To Use the Google Translate Service


Internet is a huge collection of WebPages. It consists of different topics and different languages. It is impossible for any person to learn all languages and master it. WebPages on the other hand consists of many languages and it becomes extremely difficult for users to understand it. Translation becomes an important part of understanding various WebPages. There are many online translation service with which user can transform the given text or webpage to other understandable language. Google translate is one of the best and most used service. It can translate text, document and webpage into 51 different languages. Since, many users set their homepage as Google or search any information on Google, Google translate helps the user to transform the text or webpage accordingly. Below, there are few steps about how to use Google Translate.

Step 1

Go to Google homepage. Search Google translate and you will find a webpage dedicated for the translation purpose. You will find a box where the text, document or webpage are provided to transformation, and then it will transform it into a language which you will understand. You can choose the language according to your needs. Since the source language is provided, Google translate will automatically detect the language or you can even mention the language and convert it into an understandable language.

Step 2

It may be hectic for some user to look up translation again and again through the Google translate webpage. Use of Google toolbar facilitates the translation for the user. This service will automatically convert the given text, document or webpage for the user. Google toolbar is lightweight and can be downloaded for free.

Step 3

For the purpose of adding Google translate in your webpage few additional steps are required. It is an easy step with which you can convert any language. There are two types of translation element, adding translation for the entire webpage and to a section of the webpage. It is up to the webpage designer and the owner of the webpage, how they are going to implement it. Firstly, the language of the webpage must be selected. This is an important step as it is important to inform the Google translate about the language of the webpage.

Step 4

The webpage owner can specify any particular language or few selected languages for the translation. The Google translate symbol which specifies that the webpage is powered by this service and it is displayed vertically, horizontally or by dropdown. Using this service, user can automatically convert the language after detecting the language from the visitor’s browser.

Step 5

Simply copy the code from the Google translate page and put it in webpage and now the webpage can convert any language automatically. It is important to point out that this is not full proof. There have been problems about the code interference in the webpage. Several important aspect of this service has not been addressed by Google.


Many WebPages have not been able to fully integrate this service in to their webpage.

additional tips

But still, it is one of the best and is quiet preferred among the webmasters.

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