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Google Images is a Web-based image search service that is provided by Google. Google Images are ranked as the number one Web image search service. The service has a very complex structure that enables it to get full results when searching for images. The Google Web robot analyzes many features so as to understand the images in a specific website. 

Step 1

Google Images also applies the use of complex algorithms in the image indexes. This is done so as to avoid duplication, low-quality pictures and to provide the results in a very short time. For you to use Google Images, visit or use the images option that is found in Google search.

Step 2

Top Section of Google Images

The header and search bar in Google Images contains the Google products bar, sign in and sign out icons, Google Images gear, search bar and safe search section. The Google products bar is a menu that contains extra Google services that may be used in other search related activities. 

Step 3

The Google Images gear enables you to set settings such as language and a number of results. The search bar is where you type the descriptive terms for the image being searched for. Google Images safe search is a results content setting option that allows you to set the ratings of the content.

Step 4

Bottom Section of Google Images

The search results area is where the results from the search are located. Here, the images are usually arranged in pages. You can scroll through by the use of the scroll bar or your mouse. The tools and filters in the Google Images site is used to specify the results that you want to obtain. It offers you a many options for the images you want to see. 

Step 5

The bottom of the Google Images page has three links and helpful page resources. It has more results, feedback links and social search links. When you are searching, you may not get your desired pictures and you should just go to the bottom of the page and click on more results or the next page numbers. The feedback link is a chance for you to offer your suggestions to Google Images.

How to Search for Images

Searching images with Google Images is quite simple. You start by visiting the Google Images site and then move to the search box and type in the details of the image you are searching. After typing, press enter or click on the button next to the search bar. There is a section for related searches which you may use to refine your searches. Search results will be many and varied depending on your screen page and size. 

Simply move your cursor over the images to learn more about the images. When you move the cursor over an image, you will note that the image becomes magnified. Below the image there is a list of details concerning the image and the website it is located. If you see the image that you are searching for, click on the image result and a larger version of it will appear.

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