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The search engine domain ‘’ is for all the UK based users. This domain is specifically meant for the UK users of google search engine. Whenever a user from UK types ‘’ in the web browser they are automatically redirected to ‘’. Google uses high end technology to detect the location of its users which helps them to redirect all its search engine users from the UK to ‘’.


There are many benefits of using ‘’ domain. Let’s check them –

Faster search

As a google search engine user from the UK you will be able to search all the webpages from the UK in quick time through ‘’ domain. All the UK related webpages are specially indexed by the google search engine bot for ‘’ domain.

Loads of information

Innumerable webpages from the UK are indexed by ‘’ domain so it becomes very easy for everyone to get the required information in quick time. If you are a school student in the UK then you can get all kinds of information for your school projects. You can also easily get information for all kinds of academic projects at bachelors, masters and research level through ‘’ domain.

Quick image search

The ‘’ domain also allows you to search images not just from the UK but also from all across the globe. There is a separate image search option on ‘’ which allows you to search images of your choice and the search time is very fast. You can search images of your favorite movie stars, relatives, celebrities and friends.

Track people

You can easily track anyone in the UK through ‘’ domain. There are many people on various social networking websites so you can punch their name in ‘’ and in few seconds you can access their profile because this search engine domain provides direct links to the profile of people on various social networking sites.

Locate locations

You can locate the locations through ‘’ domain. You just have to type the name of an establishment or area to get the exact location. Through this search engine you can easily find address of various people and traders.

Use links

On ‘’ domain there are many links on the top which you can use to search or browse different google services. There are links for google plus, reader, blogger, youtube, translation, books, videos, gmail, maps and many more services.

Track Music

Are you a music fan? If yes then you can search all kinds of music through ‘’ because all kinds of music genres have been indexed by google search engine bot for this domain.

Trace Videos links

If you want to download videos then just type name of the video in ‘’ and in few seconds you will get direct link to download the video.

Tips and comments

If you need information on anything or you want to download free stuffs or softwares but you don’t know from where to download then search it through ‘’ because it searches all the indexed webpages very fast.

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