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Advantages Of Using Google News

Published at 03/01/2012 21:24:04


Google is one of the best search engines available for use on the internet and is made readily available when you visit What are some of the advantages of using Google News?

Why Google News?

One of the most resourceful and up-to-date search engines for today’s internet users is Google. Just about anyone and everyone who uses the internet visits Google at some point in time. Many people Google everything from questions they may have about their health to finding information to help with an essay or research paper for college.


No matter what you use Google for, one of the most useful resources Google has to offer is their very own online news source. Google has a few links at the top of their homepage, and news just happens to be one of them. With one quick click you are introduced to many news categories right at your fingertips. You can use keywords to search Google news for topics that are of interest to you.

Google news offers links for:

Top Stories

U.S. News

World News

Business News

Election News

Sports News

Technology News

Entertainment News

Science News

Health News

Spotlight News

All of that information is readily accessible for the user in a user friendly format that is easy to read.

Google news also offers the feature of being able to translate their pages from one language to another. Since there are internet users from about every country in the world, this is a feature that is sure to drive more and more users to Google for information they need.

You can also personalize your Google news page to display the categories that you are specifically interested in so you don’t have to view things that are of no interest to you. This helps narrow down the information displayed so you can see and read exactly what news topics you like to keep up with.

You can also select which view you prefer by choosing modern, headlines, compact or classic. The choice is up to you as far as what your viewing preference is. Google has made life so much easier for internet users by offering such a user friendly interface.

With the Google news page, you can easily log in to your Google user account and access your email and Google documents. Google has made their news so easy to use by allowing the user to personalize everything in a way that suits their needs and wants.

With all the news sites available on the internet, I would have to say that Google news is first and foremost one of the best news resources around. Google is sure to share up to date news information on their site and most likely will be one of the first to receive news when it first comes out.

Because Google is such a comprehensive online resource, it is also a great place to publish and market your business by submitting a press release about your business which will help drive traffic to your site if you can get listed.

As you can see with this small amount of information it’s as if the Google news features are endless.  That’s why Google news is so popular!

Tips and Comments

You can personalize your Google news page to suit you!

Google news should be your first stop on the internet if you are looking for the most up to date news around.

Visit so you can see the features for yourself.