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How To Use Google Desktop



Google Desktop is desktop based software made by the Google for different servers like windows Linux and MAC OS. Its attractive attributes offers great text searches for the users, to check e-mails, computer files, pictures, chat, music and web pages scrutiny and the other Google contraptions.

Features and Attributes:

Google Desktop has multiples features to use this amazing software.

Step 1

Web clip gadget:

There is an awesome option Google Desktop offers.It is an amazingly configured gadget of Google Desktop software .It automatically displays and updates the web pages that you viewed. Also it can be handled manually to add atom feed to your most favourite blog or website. You can easily track your favourite brand on face book by benchmarking property.

For example if you want to search any trademark (name) mentioned on Facebook

Go to Facebook search

Snatch the RSS result for the trademark

Go to your Google Desktop web clips gadget

Then click on options

And finally add the face book search result

After that Google web clip give you constantly updates about that.

Step 2

Quick Findings:

Quick find window is one of the fastest medium to search the related results. it gives by default six relevant results for the most frequent and recent researches about the topic. Most interestingly it updates the results according to user requirement without opening any other browser window.

Step 3

Sidebars Feature:

Here is one of the outstanding characteristic of Google Desktop. Side bar holds multiple gadgets that reside on the side of desktop. It can be accessible with the Microsoft windows version and Linux version of Google Desktop .Side bar is pre installed with the subsequent contraption, like email, Scratch pad, weather news photos and Google talk and many other prominent facilities.


Step 4

Gadgets and hook ups:

These gadgets can be placed anywhere on the user desktop. They usually prompt new email, weather reports and personalized news. It also offers SDK tool kit for the developers to write more gadgets for the Google Desktop. This model is on the basis of incremental techniques that adding more and latest techniques day and night.

Step 5

Security and Privacy:


Google Desktop has been exploited in security issues. It has been vulnerable in different aspects .This suspect ion has forced Google to change its policy and it’s been updated in the version 5 of Google desktop.Google Desktop versions 3 hold convinced features that heave serious security and privacy apprehensions.


Particularly, the share across computers characteristic which launches the ability to search substance from desktop to desktop seriously increases the menace to users' privacy. If Google Desktop V.3 is set to allow Search across Computers, files on an indexed computer are copied to Google's servers, so apparently there are no any special features in this version related to the security concerns.


The latent information stored on their computers to be admittance by others if they permit this feature of Google Desktop v. 3 on their computers should be seriously considered. The EFF advises against using this feature. Also, those who have secret data on their work or home computers should not enable this feature. There must be privacy laws and company strategies that could be dishonoured through the installation of this feature.

By John, published at 03/06/2012
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