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How To Get a Free Google Email Account


In today’s world there are very few things that are overlooked. People want to stay connected, they want to know what is happening, they want to know what is what, they want to know who is who, they want to know everything. However, this is not an easy task. Getting the information itself can be extremely difficult, depending on who or what the information is about and who is trying to get the information. Then there is the whole process of getting the information out to the public, out to the target audience. This poses a particular obstacle. Sure there are many ways to go about distributing information but few of them are effective. The solution, email!

Step 1

There are many, many email providers, yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc. but few have as wide of a reach and are as well-known as the free Google Email, aka. G-Mail. In many ways G-Mail is a surprising leader of this project. After all Google is just a search engine right? Wrong Google is a company, meaning they are much more than meets the eye. For example, Google has developed a cloud operating ‘Office’ that has become, very, very popular. They have email, 3D modeling, picture editing, website creation, a e-book store, a ‘ITunes’, etc., you name it and more than likely Google has it. And best of all, all of this is free to use when you have a free Google account.

Step 2

Google has a rather unknown, yet common beginning. A couple of brilliant young minds started creating their own website that was just links to other websites, this was before you could just search the internet, and all of these websites were calorized.

Step 3

Long story short, they went to Silicon Valley, got kicked out for hogging too much power and bandwidth and started putting ads on their website using keywords, making them the most successful advertisers on the internet which led to them becoming billionaires.

Step 4

Joining the scores of other people who have signed up for a free Google account with free Google mail, free Google programs and free Google services can be a little hard to do if you are used to one of their competitors services. For some, Google is very ‘bottom of the barrel’, this is because they try to provide the easiest user experience for all of their products which sometimes comes across as minimalistic.

Step 5

That being said, there are many benefits of using Google mail. For example you only have one username and password for all Google products so that you don’t have to keep inventing new ones. Free Google products are not only high in quality but high in usability as well. They are easy to learn as well as easy to maintain.


Google, as much as it might seem, is by no means the only free e-mail provider. There are many others such as Yahoo Mail, AOL, Hot Mail, etc. (these are just some of the big names). But Google is very advanced and is almost always one step ahead of the curve. All Google users also get to experience free Google guidance and help with any of the free Google products, sorry if I’ve mentioned them too much, but there really are what sets Google apart from everyone else.

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Ready to sign up for your free Google account? Ill give you step by step instructions on how to go about it. First go to Next, on the black bar on the top of the Google website click on Gmail (a.k.a. Google mail). Now locate a hyperlink that says ‘create an account’. Click on the link. Fill out all of the information and your ready to go. Have fun using your free Google products!

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/09/2012
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How To Get a Free Google Email Account. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.