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How To Find a Book on Google


Among various online services google also provides ‘book google’ service through which you can find any book of your choice. To find ‘book google’ you need to type in your browser. Once you get on the webpage of ‘book google’, you can search any book that you want to read, buy or download.

Step 1

If a publisher has given complete right for download then you can download a pdf copy of the entire book. In some cases you can just read few pages of the book. If you like a book you can buy it through ‘book google’.

Step 2

Book google’ gets books through library project and partner program. You can use advanced search to search any book. You can search a book by selecting search option like “with all of the words” or “with at least one of the words”. The general search option also includes “without the words” and “with the exact phrase”.

Step 3

There are four search options for a user while searching a book. The first option is to search all the available books. The second option is to search within books which provide full and limited book view. The third option is to search in books which provide only full book view. The fourth option is to search a book only from google ebooks.

Step 4

The advanced search option also allows a user to decide which type of content they want to search on ‘book google’. A user can search entire content from various magazines and books or a user can just opt to search content either from magazines or books. A user can also search ‘book google’ written in any particular language.

Through advanced search, you can search ‘book google’ by mentioning the name of the author, subject of the book and title of the book. A book can be also searched by mentioning the name of a publisher and its publication date. Advanced search also allows you to search a book through its ISSN or ISBN number.

Step 5

Many times we are looking for certain topics which could be part of a book so ‘book google’ plays a vital role because it allows you to search within the books content. If you know where the content is then you can download or buy only that particular ebook.

You can even search ‘book google’ through its normal search engine which is The books which are supplied through its partner program are not free while many books through library project are free to download.


You should login to your google account to download or buy ‘book google’ through You can make payment through credit card. All the transactions done through ‘book google’ are safe because transactions are done over a secure connection which has very strong encryption.

If you are looking for any book for research work or if reading is your hobby then you should definitely download or buy a book through ‘book google’. Searching any book through ‘book google’ is very easy especially if you know the name of the book or name of the author.

By HANIF QAZI, published at 03/05/2012
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