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Back then people were communicating though letters that were taking very long to reach the recipients. All this inconveniences have been reduced to just memories that people talk of because of the revolution brought by Email is one very common means of communication which is very fast and convenient for use. You can check your email from anywhere and this has been made easy by introduction of You don’t have to be at your home to access, all you need is to find a computer with accessible internet and you will be able to access your email anywhere. With the provided information on how to check, working with emails will be easy for you.

Step 1

To check a the first thing you should make sure is that you have a Gmail account. Get to the Google email page and there you will see a link where you will click to take you to the sign up page. Opening up a will require you to insert you names in the boxes provided then decide on what address you will be using. When you get an appropriate address you will be required to enter a password that you will be using for your logging in process. A password should be unique one that is only known to you. After entering all the required information and you have confirmed that your account is active you can start using your account.

Step 2

Now if you want to check, go to the Google home page and there you will find the sign in dialog box. Here you input your address and your email password and after all the information needed is put in click on sign in and your email will start loading. Once loading is done you will be taken into your email.

Step 3

Once you are in your account you will be able to see all the emails that have been sent to you in recent times and also those that you have already read. This will show at your left hand side.This is always the first thing that your email will open up for you when you log in. When you want to read a new email sent to you just click on it and it will start loading and when it is through you will be able to read its content.

Step 4

After reading your there are some provided options you can perform below either reply in respect to the email content. You also have an option of deleting the email or putting it to spam. Any action you take you will get a notification once it takes effect.

Step 5

Once you are through with reading your you should find the sign out option at the top right of your email page. Make sure you always log out because if you don’t another person may come and access your mail directly without logging in and tamper with it.


Now the below steps makes it easy for you to access from anywhere around the globe.

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