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Introduction is a search engine domain for Canada and it is part of Google Inc. caters to the demand of Canada based internet users. Canadians can search all kinds of web pages through domain. Everyday millions of queries are handled by this Google domain.

The domain displays search results according to the page rank of a website. During custom search operation uses Boolean operators. This search engine domain is used to search text from the web pages.

The domain is a localized version of which was created in 1997 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The search engine operation for is exactly similar to but the only difference is the domain name which is named specifically for Canada. also provides image search option. In there are twenty-two additional search features apart from the normal text search feature which allows a user to get information about sports, movies, stocks, synonyms, real estate, earth quake, weather, airports, maps and time zone.

Through, a user can search words through ‘Search by Image’ option by providing images. By speaking, a user can also search words by using ‘Google Voice Search’ option through

A user can use for tracking package, translating language, prices, unit conversion, area codes, numbers, money conversion, patents, calculations and temperatures.

There is no mechanism through which one can accurately determine how many web pages indexes. domain is known to take snapshots of various file types like Word, SWF, PDF and Excel. This domain also does caching apart from indexing of web pages. also allows a user to read the cached version of files like Excel, Word and PDF in the web browser. A user can customize by using filter known as ‘SafeSearch’, by opting for a default language and by setting the number of search results on a page. tracks a user’s preference like customization through the cookies which it stores on the users PC. The stored cookies have long life which also allows to retain a user’s data for at least one year. The long term cookies help to track a user’s keyword choice. can display up to 100 search results on one page. If you don’t enable ‘Instant Search’ feature then you cannot mention the number of results that you want but if you enable it than only ten results will be displayed.

To protect all its users, displays ‘This site may harm your computer’ in the search results if it detects any website that spreads malware. On 31st January 2009, due to human error all the websites were labeled dangerous by in the search results and this error took exactly forty minutes to be rectified.

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A user can press "I'm Feeling Lucky" button to bypass all the search engine results to get to the first result in You should turn-off the ‘Google Instant’ feature in and then use the "I'm Feeling Lucky" feature. A user can easily access Google+ and Gmail directly from the homepage of

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