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Introduction is a localized domain of is a search engine targeted for Poland. People from Poland can search the web in their language through The domain helps an internet user to search polish language web pages. can also search English language web pages and it can even translate web pages from other languages into polish language.

Page rank plays a vital role in search and display of results in In domain, depending on the query a website with the highest page rank is listed on the top of the search result and so on. Just like, the localized version of Google for Poland handles Boolean operators during customized search. not only searches web pages but it also reads text inside the web pages which is truly amazing. regularly takes snapshots of web pages which might include files in formats like Word, Excel, PDF and also image formats. All such web pages are cached by from time to time. The brain behind the development of Google search engine is of Sergey and Larry and it has been localized like Through, you can search images and text within the images. has some special features which allows’ a user from Poland to search local information on real estate, movies and stock market. also has ‘Google Voice Search’ feature through which a user can search words by uttering words.

A user using can also easily search local data on airports, earth quakes and sports. Through images one can search words by using ‘Search by Image’ feature. A user can do calculation and search area codes through A user can also do conversion of unit and package tracking through

One can also find synonyms, time zone, weather and maps by using special features of also allows language translation and conversion of money. A user can also check patents and temperatures through Indexing and caching of web pages is continuously done by By using ‘SafeSearch’ feature of, a user can customize their search engine interface like displaying number of results on a page and setting a default language. has the best Page Rank algorithm and this is the reason why Google is the most widely used search engine on the World Wide Web. The Page Rank algorithm of works on the principle of inter-linking of web pages. The Page Rank concept in is about recursively chaining of web pages and there are more than two-hundred indicators which determine Page Rank of a website.

Tips and comments has a very incredible security feature which displays warning in the search results to protect its users from getting affected by virus. The algorithm of tracks websites with malware and if a query is entered related to such websites than displays ‘This site may harm your computer’ next to such sites. uses cookies to track the preference of a user. By using ‘Instant Search’, a user can display limited number of results.

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