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Google Fr is a web search engine service for France controlled by Google Inc. Google Fr is a localized service which means that its search operation is done in local language. Operation of Google Fr is exactly similar to that of but it works in French language. By default, Google Fr searches all the web pages that are written in French language depending on the query but if a user’s preference also includes searching of English language web pages then such pages are also searched and converted into French. By using Google Fr, a user can do any text and data search in any language.


Through Google Fr, a user can determine weather conditions by using the query ‘weather’ in the search box. This query will provide details of weather from all across the globe. If a user is looking for weather information of a particular city then the user should also add the city name to get the desired weather information. A user can also add the area code and name of the country to get the weather condition. You can also use Google Fr search engine to get the current time. To get the time, you need to type ‘time’ and city name but country name should also be used. If you want to know the worldwide time then just type ‘time’ and search it through Google Fr. By using Google Fr, you can also do money conversion. To convert type ‘currency number’ and then type USD in Euro or Euro in USD or USD in GBP or whichever currency you are looking to convert. Through Google Fr, you can search exactly matching words by placing a (~) tilde sign just before the words. For example: ~Cindy Crawford.


Google Fr search engine also allows a user to search stock quotes with ease. A user has to type the name of the stock like IBM stock or CSCO. If abbreviation of a stock name is COOL or M or DO or C then won’t work for common words or single letters, in such cases a user has to mention complete name of the stock to get the result. A user can easily search sports scores through by typing name of the league or of a team. Through a user can also do calculations. A user can type numbers with the formula in words, for example: pi+3*22 plus 0.66. After calculation, Google Fr also provides option to the user to search the formula. By using the calculator of, one also gets answer for 0^0 which is displayed as 1 but mathematicians believe it is undefined hence this is certainly a debatable result produced by the calculator of

Tips and comments

Through Google Fr a user can search maps by typing name of the city or zip code but it should be accompanied by the word ‘map’. For example: Paris map. You can also track mail package through by typing the tracking number in the search box. Google Fr provides quick links of the concerned site to track the shipment status.

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