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How To Travel the World From Your Couch on Google Earth


Google Earth was earlier called Earth viewer 3D, and it was designed by an American company that received its funds from the CIA. Google bought Earth viewer 3D in 2004 and launched this application with the name of Google Earth. Google Earth is a geospatial application that lets us view Earth on Google in the tiniest detail. It works on the principles of superimposition of images. Images of Earth are taken through aerial photography and this makes it possible for us to view Earth on Google.

Step 1

In order for one to be able to see Earth on Google, one has to have a system that is running higher than windows 2000 for the Apple computers that would be OS X. Those who own an iPhone, a Blackberry Storm or an Android phone can also take advantage from this app.

Step 2

NASA's shuttle radar topography mission collects data through DEM which is digital evaluation model. Earth on Google does not only show your city or street but also has the capability of showing 3D models of buildings. One of the most amazing features of this app is that of making the remotest places very easily viewable from the comfort of our own couches. Sites such as forests and mountains can also be viewed in 3D images.

Step 3

Teachers are now using this application in class to show their pupils the various geographical positioning and landscapes on Earth via Google Earth. This has made geography classes fun for those not so interested geography students. Google Earth can be used as a navigation tool for travelers. It allows users to get shortest rout between two places. It also allows them to see the various buildings nearby their route for instance the nearby restaurants and filling stations. It can also provide you with links to content available on Web for these places of interest while you are looking at their position.

Step 4

Other than the current state of Earth, history buffs can take advantage of viewing historical Earth on Google. They can look at images from an earlier stage of a building or place. It also shows the boundaries of countries and cities. It also allows users to make their own map of a site using the 'building maker' tool. Users are given an opportunity to create their town.

Step 5

Earth on Google can be checked for weather through its weather forecast option. Users can check temperature and weather through the weather option. Users can scroll over to their city of interest and get the next few day's forecast. It also offers a gallery of ancient Rome, Walt Disney World, volcanoes and guides for many cities.


Our earth on Google is now a playhouse. You can see how far your friends live from your house. You can assess the distances of your favorite places from your house. That could give you a perfect tool in evaluating and pre planning your trips and visits. Google has blessed our lives in many ways, one way is by making fine details of Earth on Google available for us.

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By Amara, published at 03/10/2012
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