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Google IT belongs to Google Inc. is a search engine service for Italy. Google has localized its search engine operation for different countries and is one such localized service. Through Google IT, a user can search text from Italian web pages by default but a user can also search web pages of any language.

Through Google IT, a user can find numeric ranges by using a double dot between numbers to get the positive number in the specified range. For example, 80..90. Through Google IT, a user can also find public data like the unemployment rate or population. In the search box a user has to type ‘unemployment rate’ or ‘population’ followed by the name of a country or state.

By using Google IT, a user can look for the definition of a phrase or word. To find a definition, a user should type ‘define’ then enter a colon followed by the word in the search box. For example, define:writer. Through Google IT, a user can easily search any location by typing the area code.

A user can use Google IT to search departure and arrival times of a flight. A user has to type the airline name and flight number. A user can also search flight delays at certain airports by typing the city name or ‘airport code’ along with the word ‘airport’.

Through Google IT, a user can search for movie times of the latest movies being shown in theatres at various locations. A user has to type the name of a movie or ‘movies' in the search box to get the necessary information. A user can also read movie reviews by using Google IT.

A Google IT user can also search patents. A user should type ‘patent’ with ‘patent number’ in the search box to get the desired result. Through Google IT, a user can also search real estate listings by typing words like ‘real estate’ or ‘home’ or ‘housing’ with ‘zip code’ or ‘city name’. Through Google IT, a user can also perform encrypted web search. The SSL encrypted search service was introduced in May 2010.

A user can also use ‘Google Instant’ feature through Google Instant feature allows a user to view the suggested results while typing. On 8th September 2010, Google IT introduced the Google instant feature for its users. The Instant feature in Google IT saves around two to five seconds on every search. In all, Instant feature of Google IT saves around eleven million seconds every hour.

The home page of Google IT was given a new-look in June 2011. The new home page had a new tab on the top left corner for Google+. Further the classic navigation bar was changed to black color.

Tips and comments

A Google IT user can disable the ‘Instant Search’ feature through preferences. A Google IT user cannot disable search suggestions that are of auto-complete style because it is a permanent feature and it has been intentionally done by Google. There are certain words which are restricted and they cannot be searched through Google Instant.

The algorithm used by Google IT can penetrate deep into all the web pages to search all kinds of text as well as images. Google IT can also search text inside the images.

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