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How To Become a Member Of Google Groups


Joining Google groups is a great way to look for information online whether it’s to find that simple crock pot recipe or something so technical like checking how a car’s radiator works. There are several categories to choose from and you’ll surely find Google groups that fit your interests and needs.

Step 1

Browse around categories available on Google groups. Look what these groups are doing by clicking on any link that will take to the pages where there are updates on the groups' activities. Read posts, if allowed, and check whether this is something that you would like to take part in.

Step 2

Choose from arts and entertainment, computer, home, news, recreation, science, technology and so on. There are really enough choices when it comes to joining Google groups. It can be a long process of finding the groups you want to join and you have to weed through all those categories. Some Google groups are inactive while others are more active. Other Google groups promote serious issues and topics such as parenting, animal care and protection, or maintaining a house.

Step 3

If you find something that interests you, join the group instantly. These groups are easy to join; anyone can post and see your messages. However, you can also select if you’ll just read the post on the web or have an email sent you every day or every two weeks for updates of the Google groups. You can even choose to use a pseudonym on the site for a bit of privacy.

Step 4

There are also private groups where you have to apply to become a member. Alternatively, you can also contact the group owner. Send a message and wait for a response to your application. Members should be approved before they are able to access content on private Google groups. They work pretty much like a forum. Once part of these private Google groups, you can also manage your group membership by setting your preferences. For instance, if you do not want to be automatically added to other groups, you can do this. Group managers cannot also invite you to other groups which is convenient if you don’t want to compromise your privacy.

Step 5

Make your own Google groups. If you decide to make your own group, you have to come up with a name for the group, web address and the group description. You can also tick the little box under description that says there will be adult content or sexually implicit statements. Lastly, you can set the restriction level, allowing members only to see the posts and respond to them. This is the public setting while restricted means your Google groups are not even visible to others. Membership is by invitation only and unless they are accepted, they cannot view, post and read messages. The least attractive option is the announcement only where only account managers can post messages. Anyone though can join, read and view messages, but just cannot post messages.


Being part of Google groups is a terrific way of promoting your services and talents. For example, if you love creative writing you can join Google groups which are devoted to this subject. In addition, you can connect with fellow writers and even find leads where to publish or sell your work.

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