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How To Use the Google Tool Bar


The Google toolbar is an internet browser toolbar that you can download on your computer to run in conjunction with your web browser. The Google toolbar is designed to be compatible with the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. To use the Google toolbar you need to install it first. After successful installation it will appear beneath your regular browser toolbar applications so you will be able to use its features easily while browsing the internet. The Google toolbar makes your internet browsing much faster and personalized with its following features:

Step 1

Google Search Box
When you key into the search box to explore something, the Google toolbar provides you popular search suggestions. It also offers you suggestions from your Google bookmarks and your search history. The Google toolbar even suggests the correct spelling of a word if you have spelled it incorrectly.

Step 2

Quick Access To Your Favorite Websites
The Google toolbar offers you the option to add custom buttons to browse or search your preferred websites with a single click. You can add personalized buttons to your toolbar either by using the button gallery or by using the Google toolbar API.

Step 3

Sidewiki is a unique feature available only with Google toolbar. It is browser sidebar that enables you contribute and read helpful information about any webpage. If you are visiting a web page and strike the Sidewiki switch in the toolbar, you will have the chance to read notes that others have written regarding the website in query.

Step 4

Access Google Bookmarks From Any System
By creating Google Bookmarks on your Google toolbar, you can access your bookmarks saved to your Google Account from any computer by using toolbar’s Bookmarks menu.

Step 5

Spell Check
This feature of the Google toolbar provides you an online resource to check your spelling in emails and contact forms. When you click the spell check button misspelled words turn red. You can click on the misspelled words to select from a list of optional spellings. The correct word will then change to green. When you are finished, click the spell check button again to turn off the feature.


Interpret websites into more than 40 languages
This feature of the Google toolbar provides you with translating 40 international languages into English.

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Complete forms with AutoFill
With the help of this feature of the Google toolbar you can save your time by not typing your credentials every time you fill out forms. You can create multiple AutoFill profiles for your work or home information to complete forms with a single click.
Google Watch has hoisted some apprehensions about Google toolbar's probable threats to privacy, which includes the following of browsing patterns, involuntary installation of updates without the user's awareness, and a privacy policy that can be altered without discern. The Google toolbar, does not track individual exclusive surfing activities of the customer unless advanced properties such as PageRank are purposely facilitated by the user. However it tracks "anonymous" statistics, which can disclose a lot of information when associated with other which is similar to Google's online search engine technique.


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