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How To Download Google Earth


Google Earth is internet based software, with which a user can view satellite images of different buildings, streets and maps from all over the world. Users can use this software by downloading Google Earth and installing it. The process is very easy and simple, and the installation is same as any other program. It is one of the most amazing softwares on the internet. The only requirement of using Google Earth is a broadband connection. The latest feature of Google Earth Download is also discussed. Below we are going to discuss advantages of Google Earth Download. It will point out the most important things about the Google Earth Download.

Step 1

Before using the software user must download the software. To do that, go to the Google home page and type Google Earth Download. The first result will be the page to download Google Earth. By default, Google Chrome browser is available for download, but it can be avoided. Agree to the terms and condition and start downloading the software. The software is available for free of cost. Google Earth is available for three different platforms Windows, Linux and Macintosh. System requirements must be checked before downloading or installing the software or else it will be a complete waste of time.

Step 2

With the latest Google Earth Download users can view 3D images, which is available for buildings, terrains and trees. Streets and planets can also be viewed with this software. This software is available for Desktop computers, tablets, mobile phone and even on the browser. Google’s browser, Chrome has a built-in application for Google Earth. Google Earth is available for all kinds of devices. iPhone, iPad and Android set make the full use of this software. Google Earth Download is available in two different versions Google Earth and Google Earth Pro. Apart from the Google Earth, all other are paid versions.

Step 3

With the help of Google Earth Download, users can explore moon. The view includes footprints of astronauts, model of different spacecraft, which landed on the moon and footages of Apollo Mission. The tour is narrated by the astronauts of the Apollo mission. Another planet Mars can also be explored with this software. All the images are provided By NASA, which was downloaded by them. All the images are recent. For interactive tour of Mars commentary is also provided. High-resolution panoramas are also viewed by many users. Navigating view is available on the top toolbar of the software.

Step 4

Users who love history will surely love this Google Earth Download. Users can view their hometown, the place they are living, and it has changed over the years. Plug-ins is also available for them. The oceanic view is one of the most amazing features of the Google Earth Download. With this, users can explore the great depths of various oceans around the globe.

Step 5

The sky is also explored on this software. With the new technology, live images of constellations, galaxies, different objects and the movement of various planets are also captured. Various research papers on this topic can also be read. Lastly, all this can be shared on Google+.


Google earth is amazing software but you must know how to operate it.

additional tip

Google earth is free of cost, but for smooth operation, your internet connection should have a high bandwidth.

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