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How To Set Up Your Google Reader


The popularity of Google reader is one fact that cannot be disputed by anyone all over the world. This could be due to the fact that it is easier to use than any other blog or news reader. There are simple and clear ways in which a person can set up his Google reader. Below are five steps that a person can simply follow to achieve a wonderful Google reader.



Step 1

The very fast thing is to begin the web browser. This is the place where a person can get whatever web page he wants. The next thing is to go to Google reader webpage. In this site there will be section for at least a link. This is very clear from the onset.



Step 2

At this moment, a person is assumed to have an active email account. Nothing can really work without this account. If the person does not have an email account, then he needs to open one before proceeding. It is after this that he can go on with the set up of a Google reader. He needs to open an email account of his choice. The most important thing is that the account needs to be active.




Step 3

There are a number of instructions in the link above. These are the instructions that the person needs to follow keenly. There is certain information that the person would be required to give in order to set up his Google reader. The instructions are simple and clear. It will take the person a few minutes before he is through with everything. Nothing is complicated in the entire process. Immediately the person is through with keying in the required information, he can then click the button written create my account to complete the process. It will take you to RSS reader that you have just created.


Step 4

The Google reader is now set up. You can now do anything you feel like. Adding any blog or news reader to the site is simply done by going through the add subscription button. It will take you to a place where you can include anything you want to include in your site. This button is usually on the left side of the page.


Step 5

Google reader can be edited at the person’s will. It is through the setting button that a person can delete whatever he may not need. There are priorities when it comes to the posts. This can also be set when the person clicks ‘feed settings’ button.




Any moment that a person wishes to change the layout of the Google reader site, then he needs to get to the setting button that would enable him manipulate all these. There is need for a person to keep on changing things such as color to avoid boredom. Human being gets bored so fast and the only constant thing is change. These are the few steps that a person needs to follow while setting up a Google reader. They are simple and clear in such a way that almost everybody can do. There is no excuse, therefore, for not setting up your Google account.


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