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How To Submit Your Web Site To the Google Search Engine


To get very high website traffic, you need to have very high visibility in Google engine. Google engine is used by every internet user on this globe. Google engine has the best web search algorithm which indexes and searches all the websites. Google engine is available in many different languages. To get the web pages of your website indexed by Google engine bot, you need to submit your website to Google.

Step 1

To submit your web site to Google, you need to have a Google account. A Google account will provide you access to all the free Google products. To submit your website in Google engine, you need to use Google webmaster website. If you are using Blogger platform of Google then you can submit your website through webmaster link provided on the homepage of Blogger.

Step 2

Google webmaster tool allows a website owner to add their website and it also helps them to do search engine optimization. If you don’t have a Google account then you should visit the Google webmaster webpage to create an account. To create a Google webmaster account, you should provide all the necessary details during sign-up. Once your account is created, you can login into the webmaster website.

Step 3

There is an add button in the webmaster website which you should use to add your website into Google engine. Google engine bot will index your web pages only after Google verifies the website that you have added. When you add the website in the webmaster tool, Google provides a unique code which you have to either upload on your website or you have to add the code in the head section of the html code of your website.

Step 4

After verification of the website, the Google engine bot indexes the web pages. The time taken by Google to index a website depends on the workload on the Google engine bot. Design of a website also plays a very vital role in indexing of a website. At times Google engine bot finds it very difficult to index web pages because of bad website design.

Step 5

It takes Google engine bot around 7-10 days to index a website. Sometimes Google engine bot takes more than a month to index web pages. The exact time required for Google engine bot to index a website is not known.

There are many SEO websites on the internet which allow a website owner to submit their website for getting it indexed in Google and many other search engines but the best way to submit a website to Google engine is through Google webmaster tool.


To get your website indexed by Google engine bot, you should also add your website link to various blogs and websites on the internet because it becomes easier for Google engine bot to pickup your website or web page links through already indexed web pages.

You can also opt for paid SEO service because to get very high web traffic you should have high rank in Google engine. Paid SEO service will provide you very high visibility in Google engine and you will get thousand of back links for your website which will help in increasing your web traffic.

By HANIF QAZI, published at 03/24/2012
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