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How To Locate the Site

Introduction is an open discussion site that has been introduced by Google Inc. It is kind of a newsroom where people of similar interests can share their ideas, information and knowledge and can have thorough discussions on various issues. One can register in easily and free of cost. After a simple registration process, one can join any group of his/her interest and then can participate in discussions through threaded conversations. You can participate in conversation either through web interface or through e-mail.

Step 1

Many people find it difficult to use and locate groups of their interest through it. It is quite a simple and quick process. You just have to follow some simple steps mentioned below:

Step 2

• If you have a Google account, just sign into the account and click on the tab. You will find this tab in the apps bar.

Step 3

• Don’t have the Google account? Don’t worry then, still you can join without having a Google account. Just directly go to the site which is www.

• As soon as you enter the aforementioned address in your address bar, you will enter into the castle of fun and knowledge. Yes, can be a source of fun as well, if you love chatting and debating on your favorite topics.

Step 4

• Now you can join any group of your interest and can create new groups if your favorite ones are not available at

• If you want to locate the topic of discussion, you are interested in then write the topic in the search box. And you will find all the related discussion groups.

Step 5

• The results of your search will show the related groups and along with that all threaded conversations and posts related to your search.

• If you want to create a new group then go to the home page and click on “Create a Group” tab.


• If you have a Google Account then you will just have to name your group and will have to write some description about your group. If you don’t have a Google account then creating a Google account will be an additional step.

Sources and Citations allows you to choose the access level for your group. You can make your publicly available to anyone so that any person can have access to the discussions and can post messages. Or you can restrict the access level to some invited members. Or in other case you can make your discussions and posts viewed by anyone but only managers can post messages.

• If you want to post a message to a group, then go to the group’s home page and click the “new post” tab. Write the post and submit it.

• If you want to post a message through e-mail then write your message in e-mail and send the e-mail to the group’s address.

This is not all, has got many more features and surprises for you. So, why don’t you go and visit the site and take advantage of this blessing of technology.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 03/22/2012
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