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What You Should Know About Directions Google


We can easily find the directions in the world by using Google Directions. Google provides web service which gives user friendly maping services to the users. Through Google directions we can have all the locations, like driving directions, contact locations and business places etc. Google has provided this service free of cost. There are certain web sites based on maps like Google Ride Finder and Google Transit; these web sites uses to search any direction. It provides us all types of maps, which include maps for street walkers, travellers; travellers by bus, train, bike or car while in any country in the world. Images around the poles are not visible.


There is a service provided by Google which is also known as Google Earth, which provides you all the areas of world even they are around the pole. Through Google Directions, we can have the images of the locations of countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Egypt and all those areas who speak English. The images of urban areas are of really high resoluion. These images can be either taken by satellite or aerial images. There are some of the areas of United States of America which they have made blur in the Google Directions, so that they may protect themselves from the harm or attacks by terrorists. These areas which are blurring are Naval Observatory area, United States Capitol and White House. The areas which are more populated are shown in Google Directions.


You can also have the maps and directions on your mobile. “Google Maps for Mobile” is a Java application which is used on the mobiles for the directions of the places. These applications can run on any java application on mobile. Google maps for the directions were released first time in November 28, 2007. Without providing GPS receiver, you can have GPS location. There is a feature known as “My Location” through which you can have the location of your cell phone by using a database. There are different cell transmitters which catch the signals, which copy your location. There is a procedure for “My Location” to be followed: like GPS based services, WLAN, WiFi-based services and Services using Cell transmitter. In the directions provided by Google, the streets are colored blue, which have yellow icon and they are encircled in green color. There are certain mobiles on which this application is applicable, like Android, iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), Windows Mobile, Nokia or Symbian, Symbian OS, BlackBerry, Phones with Java-Platform, Palm OS and Palm webOS.

Tips and comments

There are some of the features of Google Maps providing you the directions. The maps of Google are draggable; you can drag them to any place. Through Google Directions you may have the locations of any place, like contact information of any business location etc. You can have the images of your desired direction through satellite. There can be different types of views, like Earth View and Street View. We can have detailed directions of any place using Maps.Google. You can also scroll the image of your directions. You may zoom in or zoom out. You may also double click on any desired image to have the zoomed image.

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