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Securing a Google Account


Security is prime concern for many Google users. There are many reports that Google account is hacked very often. Google account consists of Gmail, YouTube, Picassa and many other accounts of Google. If the hacker is able to hack into the Google account then you are in deep trouble. All the confidential data, photos can be stolen and you won’t be able to do anything. Securing Google account is very important as hackers may use those confidential data for their own purpose. Fortunately, Google has launched number of services with which Google account can be secured. Below we are going to discuss 5 most important steps to take to save you from this kind of attack.


The first step is to check the extensions, add-ons and any other applications which are present on your browser. Many of the add-ons are not verified by Google and some of these application or add-ons have access to the Google account. Updating the add-ons is an option, but it needs to be verified first. Google’s own browser Chrome has some of the add-ons, which helps in updating the browser and making them more secure. Check for any kind of virus and Trojans, which are used to breach the security of the computer system.

Changing the passwords is the most important process. Google advises its user to change the password twice in a single year. The password must contain alphanumeric character and special characters to make it more secure. The password strength makes it hard for the hackers to break the password. Avoid using name, phone numbers, date of birth etc as it makes the job easier for the hackers. Regular update is necessary if you want complete security.

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Google 2-step verification process is also very good. In this process, user needs to register their mobile number before using this service. After the completion of the process user can again log into the Google account. User is prompted to enter a verification code which is sent by SMS on their mobile. The good thing about this process is that the hackers won’t be able to retrieve the verification code, which is necessary for logging into Google account.

Regular update of the operating system and the browser is also very necessary. Since the updates fixes all kinds of bugs on the application, which can be used by the hackers for intruding your Google account. Automatic updates must be enabled for them who are using Windows or Macintosh. Linux is updated automatically, so users are just required to download and install it.


Many users unknowingly use Google account for logging into different websites. In this case Google is not responsible for any kind of intrusion. Users are themselves responsible for this mistake. It is strongly advised that user should not use Google password for signing in to another website. Another kind of mistake, which many users commit, is that they use the untrusted link which is sent to the Google account for entering the password. Use only Google links for signing in into the Google account. Regular cleaning of the cache memory and cookies is also very helpful.

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