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Finding An Image With Google


With a search engine like Google, you can find just about anything you can think of. Google offers a handy search feature where you can search for images. Finding an image on Google isn’t difficult when you know where to go and what to search for.


Google Image History and Features

Once again, Google has provided internet users with another great way to explore the web. When you need to find an image, Google image search has provided what anyone needs to enable them to do so. You can search for images in a few different ways when using Google image search.

Google introduced their image search service in 2001 with updates to the search feature that took place in 2007, 2009, 2010, and 2011. The most recent update in 2011 introduced some new features in the Google image search service that allowed users to “drag and drop” images to search, upload images or selecting an image URL to search for.

When using Google image search, not only will you receive results for the image you search for but you will also get results for content that may contain the image. You will also be given other results that may be similar to the image you originally searched for.

Many useful features are built in to the Google image search service. Using Google image search is easy and will enable you to find the images you want when you need to. Now that you have been given a little background and basic information about Google image search, let’s move on and find out where to find Google image search and the different ways you can use it.

How to use Google Image Search to Find Images

In order to use Google image search you first need to enter in your browsers address bar. After the page loads, you will see a search box where you will want to enter your search keywords related to the image you want to find. That is the most common way to search by using keywords that identify the image you would like to find. Once you submit your search to Google image search you will then be directed to the page with the results.

Another way you can use Google image search is by entering an image URL. When you find an image on a webpage all you have to do is copy that image by either right clicking or going through properties in Internet Explorer. Copy the URL to your cursor, go to the Google images search page and paste that copied URL in the search box. Submit that search and receive results for that search.

Did you know you can also upload images to Google image search and receive results? When you go to the Google image search page, all you have to do is click on the icon that looks like a camera. Click on link that says “upload image” and choose the file you want to upload. Find the file in your computer files and select the one you wish to upload. Submit that search request and you will receive results. In addition, you may also use the “drag and drop” feature to begin a search when you are using Google Chrome or Firefox 3.0+ as your browser.

Google image search service is available for users that use Google Chrome, Firefox 3.0+, Internet Explorer 8+, and Safari 5.0+. Google image search usage is subject to the privacy policy stated by Google and any images you may choose to upload will be stored on the Google’s server.

Now that you have the basics on how you find an image with Google image search, give the website a visit and give it a try. Search by going to 

Tips and Comments

Finding an image on Google image search is fast and easy.  


For complete information, details and additional information about Google image search, you may visit the Google image support website at

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