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Google map UK is a web based technology service of Google that supports many other maps based applications like Google ride finder, Google maps etc. Google maps UK provides the ways of viewing locations within UK area as well as nearly areas. It uses router planer for this purpose. Anyone can adjust the viewing level by adjusting the minimize and maximize buttons. The good thing is that it is totally free service. Google maps UK satellite views and images don’t upload in real time. These images were taken several years ago.


Google maps UK uses different way of close view than Mercator projection. It can not show the areas which are round the poles. Another similar application is Google earth in which is a single web based program which offers more globe view characteristics including by showing polar venues as well. Someone can also find places and find addresses at any time. It is the great thing to view the nearest best places from the UK.

Like other web applications Google maps UK also uses Java script, and also some flavor of AJAX. As the user drags on the map it gives the instructions to the server which in return gives the images and corners back. Pages via Google map UK downloaded dynamically from server without refreshing the page. And this is the main function of AJAX. But mainly it uses Java script and XML as the building blocks.


There are two modes of viewing the map through Google maps UK. One is an earth mode in which 3D views can be seen from any location, but it also requires the plug-in of Google earth installed. If someone has not used this plug-in before then will not allow anyone to view in this mode. Another mode is set by default called the satellite mode. It shows the locations on a map like bridge lines.

Tips and Comments

If someone wants to see the weather of any particular location then he/she can see through the drop down list given on the right side of the map. There is also another option called images where any can view images of different locations selected and can see videos even by selecting the video tab. Other options of Google map UK are terrain and the bicycle. Anyone can now consider the webcam option too.

If anyone wants to search the location by name then it is also an option available. Write the name on the search box and click on the search tab. Let’s all of the blessings of the Google Map UK.
It is also suitable for you will find any business for you customers or the clients. Customers do not require yellow pages any more to look for the business as these maps give you all you want. They are best for you and you can easily find the current location of yourself or any other people around you. If you think you need to pay a huge price for these maps, then no as it is much more less than he excessive price you pay to any customer or client to call you or contact you.


By Vlad Dake, published at 04/05/2012
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