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Google has created a tremendous name for them ever since its launch and they have been simply growing and growing as each year passes. With their ingenious decision to make the universally known search engine accessible to all the countries in such a way that is specific to them has really increased their revenues. With the launch of Google India, known as, the multinational company has really outdone themselves. With such a targeted niche market, a lot of people can benefit from its use because the search engine can then help them with what they need within their own country and its needs. So if a person is looking for a house for sale in Delhi, then will be a good place to start searching.


Google launched themselves in September 1998 in California and are directly working in the industry of software and internet solutions. Their claim to fame is of course the world renowned search engine that has helped billions of people find what they need. Be it students cramming for a university paper or a single mother looking for a baby sitter to a professor researching about the history of architecture, Google has all the answers. In times of need, many people have resorted to Google over the years for various queries. The benefit with such a search engine is that once people get to know about it, then it becomes familiar and the choice to use that search engine repeatedly then becomes a habit.


One of the best features that all Google search engines including is the mailing service known as Gmail. Gmail has gained widespread popularity all over the world and is an excellent mailing service. Not only are the services fast and reliable, there is the allotment of space as well. Gmail has by far the highest amount of space when it comes to mailing services as compared to any other. The benefit with such a mailing service is that you can send heavy files anywhere in the world without having to worry about them fitting in the attachment space. Google navigation is pretty easy when it comes to This is the Indian version of the world’s most popular search engine and with this you can either search the entire web world or just pages from India. That becomes an added benefit because if you need something specific within India, then is the place to be. Another great thing about is that it is offered in a variety of languages such as Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Gujraati, Malayalam, and Tamil. This makes it easier for people in India from various sectors to be able to navigate Google India. Google India has all the benefits of the perfect search engine that you need such as books, translations, maps, gmail, images, play, documents, calendar and much more. No other search engine can offer you as much especially with the added benefit of being able to find results just from your own country.

Tips and comments

When on Google India, click on the button where it says pages from India for better and more specific results.

By Qasim Ali, published at 04/05/2012
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